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About Sissy Kiss
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Sissy Kiss Q & A
Questions and answers about the site. Ask and someone can help you out. Not do white pettis go with pink maryjanes cuz that definitley a yes!
Hi Newbies!
Please introduce yourselfs here first! We want to give you the love & attention you deserve! <3
PG Hey everyone ~
Add 2 My Story
Fun stories where someone starts off a story then each new poster says what happens next.
Story Talk
You can chat about fabulous babi & fem stories here or a story you are looking for. Please do not post stories in here. StoryTime is for posting stories.
Here you can discuss Movies, TV, Music, Books that have themes with our interests.
Sissydia Alert!
Any Movies, TV, Music, Books that include themes that are coming up with our interests?
Creative Suggestions
Would you like to give ideas for any AB Fem authors, caption artists, or anyone making sissy baby content, or even suggest a new type of content to make something people into AB Fem would love We'd love to see your ideas here!
Kissy Talk
Random Chat
Chat heaven girlies! Talk about anything! If it doesn't fit anywhere else you can put it here.
24/7 Sissy & AB Advice
Its a wonderful dream for many sissies to want to be able to be one 24/7. If you have achieved that or even have advice for someone to get closer to that goal, please share it here. It would be so helpful to so many sissies! Advice like what to do about money, what kind of jobs sissies or sissy babies might like, any home jobs that worked for you, any places that are accepting, or anything else that helps someone be themselves 24/7.
Care Giver Get2gether
This place is for the Mommies, Daddies, Babysitters, Mistresses, etc. to chat about anything related to being those things and give each other advice and have fun with each other!
Fashion & Beauty
Share the loveliest little girl fashion and beauty
PG finished set ~
The Sissy Princess Diaries
What have you been up to? Have any Fem or AB Fem related things that you would like to share that has gone on anytime in your life?
Girlie Advice
Need some help with sissification, feminization or babification? You can look here to find any advice or ask the girlies here!
Coming Out
Expressing your beautiful inner self! You can share stories, ways of coming out or give support.
Baby & Femmy Tasks
A sweeties to-do list! Make fun tasks for other sweeties to fulfill their fantasies!
The Corner
Did sissy make a bobo and needs a timeout or a panky pank? You can confess here!
RPG (Role Playing Girls)
Make fun Role Playing Sissy Stories for everyone to get to play a character in!
You can make fun cliques for us girlies to show everyone what we love!
Make fun Contests & Pageants for giving away Awards!
Fun online quizzes, personality tests, etc.
Fabulous Findings!
Found a wonderful website, fluffy diapers, pretty dresses or something else? Well what are you waiting for? We'd love to see it!
Looking For Something?
Maybe we can help you, except for the other sock, those get lost in another space time continuim.
R Sissy Mittens ~
Sissy Shopping
Talking about shopping for all things AB Fem! Give reviews to let everyone know if a store was good or bad, ask for the best places to find a certain AB Fem item, give links to places you've had the best experiences with and other things to help everyone find what AB Fem things they want. Only customers may talk about stores, not from people who work there or is just trying to advertise. We have Sissy Kiss Affiliates that gives wonderful Ad Space for advertisers though.
PG Shopping ~
TG Talk
Keep up to date on hormones, srs, new things coming out for TG's, what is happening in the TG community, etc.
PG Hi ~
Toys & Dollies
Are you a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World? Chat about your fave toys!
Do it yourself tips here
Body and Health
For your girlish figure
What kind of post would you like to make?
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