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Seeking special sissy mittens...
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I am looking for (if they exist)
sissy mittens that are attached to sissy panties.
All lockable.
So your dom  / mommy can force you to play with yourself for whatever length of time they want.

Anyone know if these exist to buy?

I CAN make them but would take some time to figure out how.
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Individually locking panties and mittens are available on eBay - as for having the two together have not seen that and it would present awkward coordination in use. Normally keeping the hands away and out of trouble means separating the hands or at least one of them away from the area of mischief. Fasten to the side of locking panties at the hip waist is one way or putting a spreader bar between the wrists.
Another application is have a chain running between the wrists across the back - with one hand out in front the other is at the back and v-v but the two can't mate or touch in the frontal mischief area - the chain fastening being sufficiently short. 
Of course it is possible to have the hands in mittens handcuffed in the back and locked to the same lock of the panties. An odd idea of having the mittens sewn to the curvature of the buttocks and secured in that position like one would do to avoid a spanking now humm very interesting.
A fantasy a terrible time to let go to waist or any where else ! 
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