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Welcome to Sissy Kiss!
We are femmes in the LGBTQ+ community who take sissy as a compliment, like how techies take geek as a compliment, and LGBTQ+ people take queer as a compliment. Sissy started as a loving & affectionate word for sister, and it was later used in a sexist way from people who believed men can't be feminine. We turn that around, because being feminine, no matter your gender, or sex is not a bad thing. It's something that's beautiful to be out, and proud of like the many individualities out there! It doesn't mean they're weak, or submissive. Sissies are LGBTQ+ people that love being pretty, cute, and sweet. This includes transgender, and cis lesbian & bi ladies that love being femme, non-binary femmes, femme men, and more! We also don't agree with making it a gender role. Many women don't fit into that category. Freedom of self expression is important, and beautiful! We're femme because it's who we love to be the most in our hearts, it's our individuality, and it can also be a kink. Sissy Kiss is also for variations of sissies like sissy babies, sissy maids, and more!
It would mean so much to be as active as you can if you join! Your posts are so helpful, and needed to help keep Sissy Kiss a large community where people who are into the same things can find each other, and support each other.
This is an 18 or over website
You need to be the legal age defined by your community to view this website because members can share and chat about sexual content if it relates to our interests.
Please be respectful
Please no abusive, harmful, slanderous, illegal, hateful, threatening posts or material. This is including any posts with racism, hurtful to LGBT+ people, or sexism. It also includes words that are offensive to these groups; like the f word. Please no spam.
Please no public posts that can be divisive, such as political, or religious posts. It's a good thing to have those discussions, but this isn't the place since we need to stick together as a community.
An exception is if the divisive issue is about anything the is related to what the website is about, including infantilism, feminization, gender diversity, LGBTQ+ equality. Though please be nice while talking about it.
We have a lot of lovely queens, but please no drama queens. Posts that the moderators think mostly cause controversy, or causing a disruption to others enjoying the site will be moderated. This includes someone saying they don't get enough replies in other posts, so if they don't get replies to one post they will leave the site, etc.
Please remember captions, stories, art, etc. are free, and a labor of love by the posters. So please don't make comments that are only negative. Its free to look at, or not look at. If you really want to post constructive criticism, at least make 50% of the post about what you liked so it's not too hard on the person who did all that work for you for free, but if there is something actually wrong that's breaking the rules you can email us about it.
Forced feminization stories are only meant to be about fantasy. We don't support in any way real forced situations. We only support consenting, and safe sex in real life. When someone likes something they like the idea of them being forced to do it in fantasy and role-play. If there is Forced Feminization, it's only allowed to be that to a reasonable extent. It can't be done in a way that the character experiences a lot of pain, or anything disturbing. At least by the end of the story the character needs to enjoy the situation they are in, since it's just about enjoying the fantasy of being forced into it.
Images, videos, links, and audios can't have nudity, porn or acts of sex, but they can be sexy
However you can talk about nudity, and sex acts. Stories, and Captions can also talk about it with a sexy image. We needed to compromise with sissies that don't consider it a Kink, and just a Lifestyle / Interest. This applies to any content a member uploads, or can post that isn't text. For example, avatars, profile pictures, Sissy Space images, etc.
We only consider nudity to be when the genitals or nipples are showing. It's also if a sex toy is realistic. It's just because we can't have toys that likely would mislead people into thinking we can have nude images. Nudity is also a graphic image of the bottom up close. It's only sex acts if the act can lead to an orgasm, or climax.
We still consider it to be nudity if the genitals are partially covered. They need to be covered 100%. Please don't use objects to cover nudity and post it anyway.
External links posted by members can't be managed with enough reasonable certainty. So, for your safety, we can't allow links to porn or sites with nudity posted by members.
We cater to both people who consider it a kink, and those who don't. We are all about bringing the whole community together. We also don't think there is anything wrong with either, and we fully support both. When it's consenting adults, who practice safe sex that is not harming anyone, and it's a good thing that it makes them happy, which means it's something to be proud of.
Being on topic
Try to match up what you'd like to talk about with what Forum / Gallery fits it best. We know that newbies make mistakes with this sometimes though and they are free to PM any mod here to help them out if they need any.
Posts need to be related to fem
Topics need to be at least 60% about to girly things, or being feminized since that's what the site is about, unless it's posted in our Random Chat forum.
We don't consider a certain type of sex act, like anal, or oral sex, to be about being feminine since femininity is about gender identity, rather than sexual orientation. There are girly lesbian sissies, and butch gay guys.
Content that may be obscene
If members who are only into feminization or ABDL will most likely be turned off by viewing the content then we have to prohibit it. We have to give moderators complete authority to decide what is too obscene and what isn't. This includes the extreme humiliation kink that may be offensive to members who don't consider it a humiliating interest, the scat kink, race play, or content that overly emphasizes a someone going through pain.
Making a lot of short posts and/or posts that dont contribute to what the topic is about is not allowed.
Giving our original artists more coverage
The limit for topics with captions, or pictures that the poster did not create themselves is 2 topics per day, since we don't want the topics of original artists to be buried on the post wall because we really appreciate it when people put in the work to make their own content, and to share it with us. This limit may be smaller in the future depending on how many people we have making posts like that. Though we also love, and welcome those posts with sissy captions/images where the poster did not make them as long as the creators of those images are fine with them being shared.
Please don't post more than 3 topics per day even if you made everything in the topic
It's just to prevent our post wall from being flooded and burying everyone elses topics.
Please don't ask people to join you on KIK, an email, or any instant messenger
There have been too many fake accounts that just ask you to join them on KIK. If you'd like to talk to people in private you can private message people on Sissy Kiss, and you can tell the webmissy on our contact page if someone looks like they are trying to persuade you to buy phone chats, or if they look suspicious.
Personal Plugging
Please dont make any topics that are for personal ads, but we have a wonderful place for that, its, where you can make a personals profile to let people know about you and reach over 1.5 million singles looking for a special someone just like you! Here is where to check it out **
No Content With Under Age Characters
We are an 18+ site, so even if the content is PG we don't want people to confuse us with a child porn site if they see content with underage characters.
Adult Babies are only attracted to adults who are young at heart, not the other way around. Its definitely okay if characters in content are adults in age, but young at heart ( Adult Babies, Sissy Babies ).
All people in drawings need to be obviously 18, or over. Things to look for to tell if the character is obviously 18, or over is lengthy arms, and legs, developed breasts, and curves. Please no drawings where it's difficult to tell if the artist meant the character to be underage, or if it's obvious they were meant to be underage.
Content with characters that are described as "teen" need to be clarified that you mean 18, or 19. The word is too ambigious, and we can't leave people guessing if you mean 13, or something like that. The same goes for any word a moderator can interpret as being vague about what age they are.
Copyrighted Images & Personal Photos
If you have a copyrighted image you would like to be removed please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will remove it. *Click here to go to the contact form*
We remove any images where we know the owner did not want the images to be shared, if they have a C symbol, or it says copyright on the image. Photos that look like personal photos taken from something like an iPhone of someone other than the poster are also removed.
Many people add a web address, or name to their image for free advertising, and so they want the image to be shared. So we can't take that as a sign the owner did not want the image to be shared. A C symbol, or the word "copyright" is a clear sign though. With the countless images on the internet it's nearly impossible for most sites to track all images, and if you put an image on the internet there is no way to prevent it from being shared. However if you contact us we will definitely take it down. Please try to provide evidence of some kind the image is from you.
*Click here to see a list of Sissy & AB Artists who have copyrighted content, and ways to see if something is copyrighted. Keep in mind this isnt all the artists out there.*
We can add you to that list if you don't want your content to be shared.
Please keep any content you post here saved somewhere else if you want it to be safe
..because we can't be held responsible if a database crash happens, or something like that, and there is loss of information. Though we do our best to prevent that from happening.
Only you are responsible for the content you post. At the same time the moderators still do their best to keep everything within the rules. These rules can change in the future if we see we need to, which possibly would lead to deleting, or moderating past, and future content, and members. Although that would be a last resort, and we don't want to have to do that.
By joining, it's saying you agree the moderators have the right to remove, edit, move any content at any time if they think a post is going against the site rules, and that you agree to follow these rules.
How to contact us if you see someone breaking the rules
Please help the Mods and Admins keep the forum safe by letting them know if you see someone breaking the rules! You can *Email Us*
If you have anymore questions about the rules, or website you can email the Webmissy by using Sissy Kiss's contact form. Click Here To Email Us
We do not share emails
Your email addresses are safe, we don't give email addresses to anyone. They are just for emailing you if you need help with your account, and we also have a way for you to recieve emails when someone replies to your topics, blogs, photos if you choose to. Those options will be on the sign up page, and you can turn that feature on, or off at any time in the Settings tab at the bottom of the screen while you are signed in.
Also If you are having problems registering or logging in
Click Here To Email The WebMissy
Have fun!
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