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Hi! To help out the Sissy & AB artists who copyrighted their drawings, audio, etc. I'll make a list here so people can see some of them so they know who not to post.

1. Prissy Sissies

2. Sissifuss

3. Princess Productions

4. Punished Sissies

5. Petticoat Punishment Art

6. Forced Crossdresser Fantasies

7. Crossdress Comics

8. Enslaved Sissies & Forced Womanhood Magazine

9. Lustomic

10. Fox Tales Times

There are a lot of different artists at Deviant Art which would make this list very long. You just need to be careful with Deviant Art artists. Some do allow sharing and some don't. Please ask the artist first.

If your a Deviant Art artist and want to be listed here just let me know.
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