Sissy Kiss is a place for trans ladies who love to be more girly than average, or anyone who is into fem trans ladies. Sissy means a trans girl who loves to be feminine, sweet, and cute. Sissy Kiss is also for variations of sissies like sissy babies, sissy littles, sissy maids, sissy bunnies, sissy kitties, and more! Whether you think it's sexy, or it's just an interest, we are all about bringing everyone together with the same likes! Sissies can be anyone that is under the transgender umbrella, which includes anyone from occasional cross dressers, to transsexual ladies who identify completely as a woman. We are a large community site to bring people from all over the world together so they can have a place to find each other, give support, and have fun! Check out our lovely forum, and invite people so other sissies can find us!
These are just some of the things we have:
    ♡ A Forum.
    ♡ An Image Gallery.
    ♡ Sissy Stories.
    ♡ Sissy Videos, and Audios.
    ♡ A completely customizable profile. Drag, and drop everything, upload images, etc.
    ♡ Have a fabulous place to make blogs.
    ♡ Find friends who are into the same things you are, and add them.
    ♡ ...along with many other things to do!
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About the sissy community
Sissies ~ is an umbrella word that originally means young sister. It can be used for affection, and friendship for women. Others that thought in a sexist way started using it on guys who they thought were weak because they thought being effeminate is a weakness, but transgender women who love being feminine turned that around, and use it as a compliment, which is what it should be used as. Like gay people did with queer, and techies did with geek. Both transgender women and non-transgender women can use it for its original meaning or to say they love being very girly fem. We take the word sissy as a compliment, because feminity is a lovely thing if thats how someone loves to express themselves as!
Trangender ~ It is an umbrella word too that can include anybody with a various gender identity. Like transvestites, transsexuals, etc. Transsexual people are people with a different gender identity that is written on their original birth certificate. Recently scientists have found they are literally born with the brain of the opposite sex (in various ways depending on each individual) that people saw them as before. It's important to note that transgender is not the same as being a sissy, since a sissy loves, or is attracted to being very girly, and that's not the case with every transgender girl. Although transgender, and transexuals girls can be sissies.
Sissy Baby Girls ~ adult baby girls are women that love to be in touch with their inner baby girl. Which can also be called AB or infantilism. So sissy baby girls are people who love being a sissy, and an AB girl.
Sissy Littles ~ Sissy littles inner child can also be some years past being a baby, but they can also be AB girls. They also have these acronyms: MDLG (Dominant Mommy / Little Girl), DDLG (Dominant Daddy / Little Girl), CGLG (Care Giver / Little Girl), LGLG (Little Girl / Little Girl).
    ...and there are also sissy furries, sissy maids, and many more! The list goes on, and on because it can be different with each individual. These can all be either a lifestyle, a hobby, a sexy kink, even all of the above, or mixed in a variety of ways.
We received 252,004,718 hits in 2016! We also had 1,886,154 unique visitors!
    Love being sugar spice & everything nice? You are not alone at all sweetie! We will always keep being dedicated to bringing our lovely community together!
Sissy Kiss History
♡ February 14, 2005 ~ Sissy Kiss started on Valentines Day. It wasn't a community site yet. It had sissy art & a gallery, poems, graphic dolls, and links to other sissy sites.
♡ August 01, 2005 ~ Sissy Kiss got a forum, and was on its way to being a community site!
♡ August 29, 2005 ~ Sissy Kiss got it's own domain (SissyKiss.com), and we've been blossoming as a community site ever since!
♡ Sissy Kiss recieved over 31 million hits in our first official full year!
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These lovely people support all the features in Sissy Kiss to contribute to our community! So it would help so much if you could check them out, and say your from Sissy Kiss. Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!
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