PG 13 I thought that was sweat...
I learned I wet myself after the fact.
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Today I learned I've been wetting my undies, regularly during heavy computer binges. Thought it was Sweat that was gathering "Down There", but recently I've looked in my undies, and see more color to it; Done some research, and Apparently I've been having accidents for some time now.

I wish someone would just put me in diapers already, it's so embarrassing to see my own undies like that, and know there was nothing I could do. Would be easier to accept somehow if I was just babyified.

I would tell my parents...but honestly? I think they'd be just shocked to find out I actually wanted diapers, and be against it because I'm supposed to be an adult. For Reference, the parents of which I speak, are not pro-ABDL; if anything they're normal loving parents who are retired.
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Have you wet without diapers?
Yes, but I got put back in diapers
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Yes, and I managed to hide it
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No and probably never will
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Fem Prince C
Diapers on is much better than "accidents" 
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