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To go shopping? or not to go shopping? That is the debate.
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 Fighting with yourself of wanting to be dress up but to ashamed to do it. But starting to have feelings to be dress up, makes you feel that you want to go shoping for that special girly dress. Worst part of it is that you hate shopping since day one and suddenly you're up for the adventure. If I have some girlfriends that knew, maybe it wouldn't be this difficult to make girly decisions and go on your instincts to proceed with the girliness and be feminized?
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Nothing compares to being exposed and humiliated shopping for frilly sissy women's clothes. This is even greater with female input and having women's clothes on in the stores under your men's clothes. Trying on dresses and modeling them in public is another gigantic turn on. Wearing the dress out of the store is an absolute dream experience. Transgendered rights assure anyone tempted to be against you will be silenced. Relax, enjoy, be yourself! Try it! You'll like it!
i look @ society and think if i go out everyday dressed as a girl ...(with my goat-tee ) that defines me as a character but to all those people that see me everyday ...would think I'm doing my experience (i have a double soul)(its like an imaginary friend but stronger and more physicals then your average conscious.....she and I are 2 different souls in 1 body ....we both think of ways to battle the every day battles but we communicate to each other as well .....look up double soul and see the definition.....but yea i dress up to i guess celebrate her more or less so she can live (female brain male body )It takes balls and streets of strong will to be dressed girly and to hold urn head high .....society can be harsh and the fact that we r strong says a lot …keep up the creativity and for the record (i'll never understand why someone enjoys humiliations ,pain....or embarrassment       
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