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I need help feeling more like a sissy day to day.
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I’m very new to this. I’ve been acting as a sissy sexually for quite some time now but I think it’s time for me to embrace the lifestyle more. The problem is I go to work (in masc clothes) and I just don’t feel right until I get home and can put on my fem clothes. Pleaseeee does anyone have any tips for how I can feel more feminine in my day to day???
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Widdle Wendy
I've been where you are. Here are some things that I did to feel girly when I was out in public.

Girly underwear is a must! This can be as simple as panties, but it can be much more involved, especially if you are wearing long sleeves and trousers. Under the right masculine clothes it is possible to wear a bra, panties, garters, and stockings and no one can tell!

Wear girly socks or socks with cute designs on them. Most people don't notice other people's socks, but if you are worries anyone might take notice, wear white knee high socks. When covered up by shoes and pants legs they look just like white socks. Also, you can put a girly sock over your bits.

Take a marker and write "sissy" in big letters across your checks. No one will see it under your shirt, but you'll know it's there. Don't forget to dot the i with a little heart!

Find the girliest set of temporary tattoos you can and apply a different one every morning when you get dressed for work. Just put it in a place that will be under your clothes. The best places that make me feel girly are over my heart, over my little bits, and on my bum.

I hope these suggestions help you to feel at your sissy best even when you have to wear masculine clothes.
 Nothing says sissy like shaving your legs & privates and painting your toenails too!
Baby Puss
Hi, welcome ! Seems you got some good advice already. 
i wear panties daily, frequently pantyhose/ stockings and toenail polish. I have worn a leotard and a bra on multiple occasions. I do work in chemical resistant coveralls though. I either have never been caught or no one cared enough to say anything.

wear what you want, cover it up and check in the mirror before you leave if it is super obvious or not.

no-one pays attention to what a man wears unless it sticks out like a sore thumb. 
Fem Prince C
 Everybody finds a way to fiit this into everday life as much as we cherish the time to explore more overtly sissy/crosdressing/FemBoy presentations and the like.
Wear other clothes :)
All good advice. Try inserting a training dildo -with a flat base- to keep you feeling full. Wear a triangular bikini top under your male clothes. Practise Tucking and at least wear a thong two sizes smaller than is comfortable,
I need help staying in diapers and sissy clothes for longer. Usually I'll put everything on and keep it on for a few hours or until I finish. Does anyone have any tips for staying in sissy baby mode for longer?
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