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Should she put her down early
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   little bell has been a little upset all day since her mommy left this mourning to go on a romantic weekend with her new boyfriend from the office leaving babysitter amanda in charge after her lunch amanda has changed her wet nappy she allready has her in the nursery and with her bottle its 12..30 but her naptime isnt normally until 1pm but she thinks it is a good idea to put her down for naptime because shes all upset about her mommy but little miss belle doesent want to go down for her nap early but the babysitter thinks its a good idea to put her down early because shes in a dry nappy and is a frustrated little girl who is tired should she let her wait till 1pm before putting her down while drying her eyes babysitter amanda says sk members can say yes or no amanda says as she makes her drink the whole bottle of milk lowering the rail of the crib
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Baby Puss
Sitter says nap time , it’s nap time! Little Bell has no choice, and should do as told. Unless Bell wants an unpleasant, embarrassing spanking from the sitter. 
Baby Butch
The early nap sounds like crap! Better not say that or your back side will be red as you nap. Always obey the babysitter! 
If you have an upset baby early nap times are a good idea. If there is to much fuss a spanking might be in order     
Fem Prince C
No nap, no good as you'll soon end up all fractious and that simply won't do so put her bed and don't spare the "encouragement" if they're still reisiting it! 
The Feminine Boy

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