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hello im mistress jenny and im here looking for a sissy to get train with my kinks and humilation cause i will make my sissy the best sissy ever and i have train alot of sissy and they are happy to have me as thier mistress
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I'm looking for a real life situation for full feminization training and turning me into a 💯 submissive feminine sissie cockwhore fuck toy gurl for pleasure, love to wear really skin tight girls jeans and denim outfits and being taken out into public and showing me off as the submissive sissie gurl I really am, to all the hung and horny top dominating guys that you have me pleasuring. I really want this to happen to me since I already act more like a submissive sissy and being treated just like a real girl when I am having fun as a submissive feminine sissie cockwhore fuck toy gurl cum swallowing slut,. But I really would love to have you dominating me all the time every day and night long,in real life. I'm more than willing to submit myself completely to you as the submissive sissie gurl I really am interested in becoming for the rest of my life.
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