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What happens when Mommy wants to help you play Baby
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(My third Cappy is here enjoy)

Sam thought that he would have plenty of time to play dress up. But when his Mum came home unexpectedly and found him all dressed up, she decided to help him take his little game to the next level. Now Sam was eating some mushy baby food that he didn't much care for but what was worse was that his Mum but in a lot of ground up Laxative pills. Too bad for Sam that he wouldn't know about this until later. He was going to have a very messy diaper.
If anyone wants to talk with me just drop me a PM. I always like to make friends:)

With love RingletGirl
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Baby Butch
I hope the sissybaby liked the mushy food. Mommy is going to have to change that mushy diaper. Thanks for shraring the cappie with us.
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