PG 13 My second attempt at Cappies
This time I thought I'd try out 2 cappies
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(thanks to everyone who viewed and left feedback for my other cappie I am currently experimenting with some of the ideas from the feedback but for now enjoy these cappies)

Stevie was one of those people who just didn't like having his photo taken. So when his Mum suggested they should get some professional photos taken of them he put up a huge fuss. His Mum however just simply put some sleeping pills in his food and then dressed him up just in time for the photographer who just arrived at the door. Now his Mum would have a photo of him that would hang proudly on the lounge room wall.

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Peter's sister's had suspected his dressing up for quite some time but could never prove it. So one night they put sleeping pills in his food, by the time the pills had taken effect Peter had just finished dressing up. Now his sisters had all the proof they would ever need as they took photos of him well into the night.
If anyone wants to talk with me just drop me a PM. I always like to make friends:)

With love RingletGirl
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Baby Butch
Good cappies, Peter and Stevie both could easily be blackmailed into behaving.
darling you are so sweet
: PinkBaby-Lachen:
are so cute darling so love
: PinkBaby-Lachen:
Well done, why dont uyou do them in paint though and have the text in the image??

good start!
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