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Edward's Mum and Dad had gone away for the night and would be back early the next day. Leaving him alone with his older sister Sarah. When Edward's parents had left Sarah suggested playing truth or dare. Edward happily agreed to this as things had become pretty boring. When it was Edward's turn he chose dare. Sarah then dared him to wear some frilly pink panties. Reluctantly Edward agreed and soon he was wearing the panties. Every time it was his turn Sarah dared him to dress up in another piece of clothing and soon he was dressed like a little girl. On Edwards final turn Sarah dared him to drink from a baby bottle which he did, but Edward didn't know about the sleeping pills that Sarah had mixed in. Edward was soon asleep and then Sarah gave him some ringlet curls followed by a huge pink bow and a baby dummy. She then dragged him to their parents room and put Edward on their bed. She then lifted up his dress to make sure his frilly panties were showing and then waited until their parents got home the next morning. Boy were they in for a surprise.
If anyone wants to talk with me just drop me a PM. I always like to make friends:)

With love RingletGirl
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Oh my. *giggles*
Baby Butch
I liked the story and picture. I am sure Edward will be surprised when he wakes in the morning dressed as a girl in front of his parents.
Wow! Poor Edward. Thihi:-)
Its all about the humiliation
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