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Hello I'm new here. I registered 2 days ago.

Anywho, I have a few issues with my profile settings:

 None of these buttons work. I can click them, but nothing happens after. :/

This section is also buggy for me:

I can put in interests, but when I click save they don't stay put. I'm not sure why that is. Are there only specific things I can put?

Also when I put my correct birthday, shown above, in the birthday field, a pop-up appears:
"You must be 18 or older to be on this website" or something similar.

The thing is though... I am genuinely 18 now. :/ It may be by 10 days, but still. I can put in 1996, but that is not my true birthdate and I am not 19, I am 18.

If there is anyone here that can help a confused sissy out, it would be appreciated!  

 ~*♥Sissy Maidvelia ✿ Straight ✿ In-The-Closet ✿ Sissy Maid & Fairy-Wannabe ✿ Anime Trap Lover ✿ Submissive to Girls♥*~

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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi! Thank you for letting me know! These things are now fixed! Except it will not let you put in your birthday because you are not supposed to view, or join the site before 18. Though 10 days until you are 18 is not too bad. We need to have this rule since sites with XXX sexual content legally have to have it, and we don't support children seeing this content.
You're welcome for letting you know, and thank you for fixing it. ;) The more site bugs squashed, the better the site becomes. :)

Actually the thing is... it wasn't 10 days before turning 18, it was 10 days (now 21 days) after I turned 18 which is why I was confused as to why it didn't work.

I do understand the rule for sexual content which is why I waited until after I turned 18. It still doesn't work for some reason (I guess I haven't been 18 long enough? o:), I could try it again in April... so it would be a month after turning 18.

 ~*♥Sissy Maidvelia ✿ Straight ✿ In-The-Closet ✿ Sissy Maid & Fairy-Wannabe ✿ Anime Trap Lover ✿ Submissive to Girls♥*~

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