PG 13 A not so Epic quest quest
The not so epic adventures of josh, a Jr.mage who wants to become a hero, but more often then not is just a zero.
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Baby raven's Log
well after bugging me for AGES to taske him out with me while i went monster hunting, I finally gave in and took my little brother with me. he's a Jr mage who speicalizes in ice magic,but his spells aren't exactly up to snuff if you ask me.
Still, I supose this will save me having to pay robina Hood from having to watch him for me. we do make a cool looking group, my pet dog and little brother and I.

Baby raven's log
Ugh..and just like that Josh makes me sorry i ever brought him along. he's blaming ME for taking too long while fighting a power armor so he couldn't help himself when he wet his pants. we were able to find a spare outfit for him but he's not too please with it at the moment....

If he thinks that's bad he's not going to like what i have planned for him once we get back to town.

Baby raven's log
Well i called it. once we got back to town the little guy was humilated enough with some of his freinds seeing him in drag so he started yelling and screaming at ME. Needless to say I think he's learned his lesson, though i was forced to take his wand away after he tried to freeze me and almost hit my dog. not cool bro.

Anyways as you can see, he's SO fricking adorble like this. I almost wanna show him off to my friends but so far he's been rather docile since being put back in the diapers, so it'll be a wait and see.

Baby raven's log
Remeneber what i said about docile? Forgot THAT. I came back from going to get us something to eat and the little bugger had worked his diaper off and was trying to destory the rest of them. I'm suiting up in full armor and taking the little brat for a walk!

Like i thought, he was a HIT with the girls, and i've actually gotten a few offer to babysit him for free. More importently I think little joshie learned his lesson that big siste is always right. of course he has a camping trip coming up soon so we'll see how well he can behave before then...

Baby raven's log.
well it's been about four days since i made my brother a crinkle butt. I've held off on going on any adventures for awhile while helping him adjust. He was more then a little upset when i told him that while he could still go on the camping trip with his friends, i expected him to wear his diapers still under his boy clothes.
I pointed out how often i was finding his diaper wet or messy but he just freaked out and wouldn't calm down. I think to make him happy by showing him i picked him up a new sleeper but that only seemed to make things worse.

Baby raven's log
well the camping trip was mostly uneventful, except when a few Forrest demons attacked. it gave me a chance to test out my new armor though (which is KICKASS!) but when i came back i found my brother whimpering in just his diapers, the other kids laughing at him.

I mean, I'm all for teasing the litle guy and stuff, but there was a chill in the air and going around just like that is BEGGING to get sick. Thankfully we had that nice warm new sleeper for him, though his friends only seemed to laugh at him more. one little girl commented how she wished she could treat her brother like this.

I think I know her brother..Goes by the name grandsword or something like that...

Baby raven's log
Well after begging and whining non stop, and saying i owned him after humilating him in front of his friends..I finally decided to give Joshie anther chance at adventuring with me. He doesn't know it but the castle we're going to, the higher ups are twin vampire sisters who show mercy to little girls, not boys. So while josh thinks i'm being a jerk again putting him in drag and getting his nails done, i'm really trying to help him. He's also in training pants under his dresswhich will help hide his manhood. none of this SHOULD be needed since i plan on leaving josh on the bottom level of the castle where the monsters are so weak even HE can beat them up with his souped up wand (your WELCOME!) I have a way to take out the sisters, but I don't want josh seeing this side of me...

And now we join our hero Josh in his current adventure.

Will Josh avoid being found out? will his sister rescue him? is it possible for him to keep those trainers clean? find out next time! ^^
"Excuse me, would you mind not farting while i'm trying to save the world!"
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Baby raven's logs
Well so far this dugoen is turning out to be fairly boring. this poor guy is the 6 male vampire i've found complaining about being stuck to the lower levels.

Baby raven's logs
Oddly, despite what the head vamps might think, gender DOESN'T deside power, at least not with vampires.

Baby raven's logs
After killing the werebat i raced back to where i had left josh. All i found was his wand.. Oh gods...PLEASE let him be ok!

Baby raven's logs
As enraged as i was, i manged to return to my human form. I never wanted josh to see me like this anyways. If i can trust the beholder who gave me this message, then at least my brother is alive..But..For how long? Hang in there josh! Big sister is coming!

Baby raven's logs
I'd heard rumoers that carmilla, the third in comand here, was more then annoyed with how the twins actted. I desided not to point out how she kinda looked like them but even so I was relived/horrfied by her words.
Josh, I know your safe..But for how long unless i can desotry this monster?
"Excuse me, would you mind not farting while i'm trying to save the world!"
if only there was a sissy baby video game out there
Josh logs
Well Despite my best efforts it wasn't too long before the girls figured out i was a boy. I mean, how was i supose to know that with their sestive hearing and smell, they knew when i soaked my training pants and insisted on helping me change?
they fell for my clever ruse of pretending to break down sobbing and begging them NOT to kill me.
Rather then tell the truth i gave them a story about how i wanted to be a girl and my big sister humored me
(ugh, you OWE me sis, they promised NOT to hurt someone as loving and caring as you!)
Anyways, The downside of all of this is till they can have they're troops find you Big sister, i'm stuck playing a cute little sissy....Though the vampire they sent off to find you looked like she would of rather snapped my neck then do as she was told..

"Excuse me, would you mind not farting while i'm trying to save the world!"
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