PG 13 Little Link's Big baby adventure Part 3
even with a lack of replies besdies minia on part's part three
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Soo..if you can't tell thats supose to be the top of a soldiers helment . whys link look so sad? maybe he wants to go outside bad? maybe he relized Zelda caught him up on the window still again after scolding him about how dangouerus it is...
"Excuse me, would you mind not farting while i'm trying to save the world!"
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Zelda gauunlesve instruction to the castle guards to not allow Sissy Baby girl Link to get out unless baby Link needs a diaper change or bath before naptime. She says as she leaves "Don't worry baby Link I have hired a babysitter for you while we are out, in fact we have multiple, Saria, Malon, and Ruto I think was the name of the third hahahahahaha."
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