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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, So I took that statement literally. Here is a pic I found in the "caption me" section of Sk. I wrote a stroy to accompany it, that is exactly 1000 words long. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you think you have a pic that is worth a thousand words send me a PM.

“Benjamin Shepherd, here NOW!”

Ben's ears dropped flat against his head and his tail went immediately between his legs, as he heard his name shouted across the gym court. Catherine took the opportunity to run into the girl's locker room, tears streaming down her face. Ben slowly turned and shuffled across the gym to where Ms. Schaffer stood glaring at him.

“Yes Ms. Schaffer?” Ben said staring down dejectedly at his paws.

“What are on Earth were you thinking?”

Ben opened his muzzle to answer and then promptly shut it realizing that there was no possible answer forwhy he yanked down Catherine's gym shorts exposing her diapered clad bottom to the whole class.

“I want you to go wait in my office. I need to go have a chat with the principal.” Ms. Schaffer's voice was cold and deliberate. Sam could tell it was taking a lot of effort to keep a growl out of her voice. She then barked loudly atthe rest of the class, “All right I want everybody to hit the showers right now and head to study hall for the rest of the period.”

A collective groan went up from Ben's classmates as they headed into the showers. A couple went out oftheir way to shoulder check Ben on the way to the locker room. No on ewas happy about missing out on play time and having to do school work instead. Ben's hackles stood a little higher with each check he received. By the time he reached the door to Ms. Schaffer's officehe was growling and snapping at his classmates.

The high pitch of a dog whistle caused his hair and ears to drop once again. “BEN, OFFICE, NOW!” Came the loud bark of Ms. Schaffer.

Ben sat in the gym teacher's office for 30 minutes as he waited for Ms. Schaffer to return and tell him his fate. When the door opened and Ms. Schaffer stepped through, Ben could tell right away she had cooled off immensely from when he last saw her. Ben's tail started to puff up as he began to worry what caused the change in her demeanor.

Lisa Schaffer took her seat behind the metal desk staring at Ben before speaking in a calm collected voice.“Ben I've been talking with the principal about your current living arrangements. She seems to be under the impression that your still living with your father at home. I wonder how this can be when I distinctly remember reading about your father's arrest for hate crimes against a family of cats. So lets have the truth from you Benjamin.”

Ben let out a quiet whine as Ms.Schaffer talked. His secret had been found out. “I do live athome, it just that I now live by myself.” Ben whispered his answer afraid that unseen ears might hear.

“How are you able to get by with out a parent?” Lisa's heart sank into her stomach as she listened to the answer.

“My grandma has been mailing my dad a check for a $100 every month for the last couple of years. He always used to blow them on booze. Now that he is locked up there is no one to cash the check except me.”

“You've been living on $25 a week for the past three months?”

Ben nodded, as tears began to run down his snout.

“And why did you yank down Catherine's gym shorts?”

“Because Frank Basset said she wore diapers and said I was just the dog to put that stupid pusy... erm um cat in her place.”

Lisa lifted Ben's muzzle so he had to look her in the eyes. “Ben, cats and dogs are no longer mortal enemies, and society expects us to get along with them and behave like civilized animals. Now I know that runs contrary to everything your father has taught you. Which is why I have convinced the principal to let me take you home with me, and hopefully undo some ofthe bad training your father instilled in you. So you have a choice,you can either come live with me and do as I say or the school can call the pound and inform them of your living arrangements and you will be kept there until your dad is released in 36 months.”

“I'll go with you.” Ben said turning away from her, trying to hide the fresh tears that he felt about to come.

“I hoped you would say that. Let'sget going then shall we?” Ben followed his teacher out to her car and then climbed in when she opened the door for him. Lisa was telling him about how he was suspended until next week and how they would use that time to go buy him new clothes and get him settled in. Ben would answer with an “Okay” whenever there was a pause, although he was only half listening. Ben was too distracted by the beautiful neighborhoods they were driving through. Neighborhoods he had only dreamed about living in. Ms. Schaffer pulled into the garage of a beautiful two story house. Ben got out and followed her in.

“In here sweetie.” Lisa said as she walked into a bedroom done in a soft yellow pastels. “Lay down.” Lisa began to strip Ben of his clothes.

“What are you doing?!” Ben asked alarmed.

“Remember its my way or the pound, Ben. Now the way I see it the best way to redo your training is to start at the beginning, so from now on when your not in school you will be treated as my puppy.” Lisa finished undressing Ben and then proceeded to diaper him.

“Don't worry though you won't be the only one in a diaper.” Lisa removed her own clothes revealing a pink bra and diaper. Ben blushed embarrassed by his earlier actions.
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I can't believe how well this is written and I always love the teacher student stories there always so fun and fascinating! Good Job can't wait to see more :)
as good as the thousand words are, it needs more! a thousand words are not enough!
This is a very cute and clever story.

 as good as the thousand words are, it needs more! a thousand words are not enough!  

Well I tend to agree with you kryxel, and I was really tempted to write a much longer story. But my real goal in doing this caption was to use it as a writing exercise. It was good practice to try and craft a complete story in exactly 1000 words, as well as writing something furry based is outside my normal style.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and I'm happy to see that it was so well received.
I haven't seen a fury caption in a while, kinda cute.
I'll be honest, I am not at all a fan of furries. I do this this story is/would be super hot is the small amout of relation to furries was removed and replaced. For those of you who enjoy furries, this is a fantastic and very hot story as is almost every teacher-diaper related story. I hope you all enjoy and say fantastic work diaperedsam :)
Lots of tight and long hugs!
Dear diaperedsam:

Just sent you a PM with two suggestions/images.

Here's a sneak preview for your fans:

(censored - apologies to one and all - I just realized my image would get an "R" rating, and not the "PG" of the original post)

Bravo on your efforts! And you have produced three 1000 words captions so far, right?
Thanks for reloading the original image, diaperedsam! (and again, apologies for my over-enthusiasm with my own "preview"...)
The surprise ending is a nice touch.
- Sissy Desiree

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