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A thousand word story for Baby Jessie
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Photographer's Assistant

Jesse had moved to the Big Apple shortly after turning 21; young, free of any real obligations and perpetually optimistic. He had wanted to move to New York for the culture, as amateur photographer he figured the city that never sleeps was the perfect place to find inspiration and be discovered. That night as Jesse sat at the table in his new cramped apartment, his legs practically reaching his pillow, he searched for photography positions that were being offered. He applied for several openings, non of which were stellar, but even if it was just photographing kids at Sears, he would be happy. Just as he was about to power off his laptop for the night, he noticed an intriguing banner ad. It advertised an opening for photographers assistant, with the Bigge Sisters' modeling and photography agency. He clicked the link, more than a little dubious, but after several hours of researching he was surprised to see they were not only legit but also a rising force in the fashion world.
Jesse quickly uploaded and submitted his resume along with a link to his own work. As he laid in bed waiting to fall asleep his mind wandered with fantasies of getting the apprenticeship. He had always been completely terrified of the opposite sex, often finding his mouth becoming so dry, that he was literally unable to speak to them. To imagine being at a job were there was no pressure to justify his hanging around beautiful women was more than he could hope for. His flight of fancy was interrupted when his cell went chirped. His breath caught in his throat as he read over the text. Just finished looking through your work. It shows promise. The apprenticeship is yours. Be at the following address in Midtown by noon tomorrow if you want it and bring a current passport. -Vicky Bigge Jesse couldn't believe it even as he read it over and over to make sure it was real.
He had located the building by 9 58 as he pulled open the door, and was about knocked over as a stream of women came pouring out of it.
You must be Jesse. I see you like to cut it close, I was beginning to wonder whether or not you would show, said the first lady through. She stood equal to Jesse at 5'8 and was dressed in an eloquent blouse and pant suit.
I... I... am. Jesse answered as he walked quickly to keep pace with her.
Walk and talk there sparky, time is always against us in this business. I'm Vicky. I own and run the photo side of things here. My sister Becca, owns the other half and runs the modeling side, you can meet her on the plane. Vicky said, stepping onto the elevator, Jesse had just come off.
I'm sorry did you say plane? Jesse asked.
Yes, you did bring your passport didn't you?
Well yes but I...
Come along, we can talk in the cab on the way to the airport, your ticket has already been purchased.
Jesse climbed into the cab after his new boss. In the cab he learned they were flying to the Bahama's for a week long shoot. When he said he had no clothes, Vicky dismissed it with a wave of her hand and assured him that clothes could be bought. On the plane he was introduced to Becca. Who seemed to be quite enamored with his appearance.
You know I could really use you in the shoot Jesse. You have this very honest and innocent look about you that's hard to find these days. We would of course have to sign you. You would then be paid for your modeling in addition to your apprentice contract. That is of course if you're willing, Becca said.
You can't resist playing with my toys, can you sis? Vicky said as she consented.
Jesse eagerly agreed, his mind running wild with thoughts of being in the same shoot as the models he had seen earlier. The rest of the flight was filled with filling out endless paperwork.
Jesse your room adjoins mine, so you can help with all the equipment. Vicky said as they checked into a gorgeous hotel. We start bright and early tomorrow so get plenty of rest.
Jesse went to bed early, anxious to bring on the next day. When he woke up nothing felt right. He stumbled to the bathroom only to stop short in front of mirror, as a beautiful naked woman stared back at him. He let out a high pitched scream. Vicky and Becca were in his room almost immediately.
Don't you like your new body, asked Becca, placing a hand on his shoulder.
What have you done? You had no right!.
Of course we had the right, answered Vicky calmly. You gave us the right as you signed all those papers six weeks ago on the plane. Now come along, this photo shoot has been delayed long enough.
That's how Jesse, now Jessie, found herself on the beach wearing a tiger print bikini and posing for a female fashion magazine. You... you want me to take my top off? Jessie asked, feeling extremely self conscious. She would soon be taking off more than just her top.
In addition to modeling, Jessie still did get to study as an apprentice. She also became a personal assistant to the sisters and discovered they both had very kinky interests. They would often do private shoots with her dressed in everything ranging from diapers, to fox ears with a leather collar and leash, complete with a real fox tail attached to a four inch butt plug.

Here is a link to the other thousand word captions I've done, if anybody wants to check them out:

Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to send my a message, like Baby Jessie did, if you think you have a photo that's worth a thousand words.
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This was wonderful! I think this is a wonderful image and the story suits it so well! I must say, the young adult male you described is very close to me. There is this thing about beautiful women that just gets me all caught up. I also loved the kink you added to the end with the diapers and and leather collar with the but plug :) I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for my friends and I here at Sissky Kiss ;).
Lots of tight and long hugs!
This is a good series.
- Sissy Desiree

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