R Size Matters (1000 Word Caption)
1000 word caption, about role swaping
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I know, I know, I still have a 5000 word caption series I need to finish and of course I could always be continuing work on Ms. E, Sam & Kayla's adventures, but when I saw this picture I just had to write a cappie for it.

Size Matters

“I said get the FUCK OUT!”  Madison shouted at her colleague Brad.  It was 2:30 in the morning, and they were the last two in the lab.

            “Madison, be reasonable, please!  We haven’t had a single test subject survive the first round of treatment yet.  Forget the legal reasons for why you can’t do this and think about the fact that you have a trillion to one shot at surviving.”  Brad tried his best to reason with Madison, all the while keeping a desk between them, as Madison seemed intent on removing him by force.

            “It works on paper and in all the simulations and you know it.  The only problem is we are testing on chimps and not humans, which is what the formula was coded for.  And spare me the 98.5% same DNA bullshit, Brad. We both know it can all come down to a single amino acid being different.  Now if you won’t leave fine, you can watch, but you will not stop me!”  Madison put her foot against the desk and kicked with all her strength.

Brad tried to jump out of the way but caught the desk squarely on his knee cap.  He fell to the ground, clutching his leg in pain.  He watched in silent terror as Madison walked over to a tray of needless, the stainless steel gleaming under the bright overhead florescent lights, seeming to draw its victim in as though it were sentient and had its own desires.  Picking up the tray, she carried it over to an exam chair.  Despite knowing the tray and its contents weighed less than 2 kilograms, it felt heavy in her hands. 

Her thoughts turned from Brad and centered on why she was doing this, Ashley.  They had met four years earlier while Madison was still a doctoral candidate.  Ashely was a few years older than Madison and the youngest partner at her investment holding company.  Ashley had been assigned research on a new biotech company, so she was sitting in on a few classes and interviewing professors at the University Madison was doing her fellowship at.  Ashley made the first move.  Madison who was just coming to terms with her sexuality fell hard for the older, confident, assertive, and more dominate Ashley.  They dated for a while before moving in after 5 months.  The relationship was great for the first couple of years but as Madison grew more confident both in her career and sexuality she desired more of an equal footing in the relationship.  Ashley would patronize her anytime she brought it up, jokingly talking to her in a baby voice, commenting on things like age and height difference. Despite Madison insisting on the fact she wasn’t joking around, Ashley seemed deaf to her wishes.  Now four years later Madison was torn, she loved Ashley deeply but knew she couldn’t continue with the relationship if something didn’t change.  That’s when the continued failed experiments at work gave her an idea. 

She attached the tray to the chair’s armrest. The sterilizing paper crinkled beneath her as she reclined into the chair.  Lifting her blouse an inch or so, Madison pulled down a small corner of her skirt, revealing the lacy black top of her panties.  These too she tugged down a few inches. Madison took the needle marked “1” from the tray and held it delicately between her teeth.  Closing her eyes, Madison concentrated on the feeling of her finger tips on the top of her pelvis.   It took a bit but eventually she was confident she had located her right ovary by palpating the area.  Taking the needle, she guided the tip between the two fingers marking the location.  A sharp pain told her the needle had found its mark.  She said a silent prayer before depressing the plunger.  Repeating the process she located her Suprarenal and Thyroid glands and administered the proper injections.  The remaining two needles on the tray were larger.  The first Madison injected into her Median Cubital Vein.  The contents of this injection would remain inert until they traveled to the Pituitary Gland.  The last, and largest syringe by volume, she stuck into the adipose tissue of her chest.  Saying one final prayer, Madison drove the plunger home.  She screamed as the tissue beneath her skin seemed to turn to fire and started emitting an intense paresthesia. She ripped the needle back out, desperate to remove the offending object. 

“What have you done, Madison?”  Brad breathed, as he hobbled over to where she lay clutching her arms about her chest.

“Get out of here.  You don’t want to be anywhere near this place if this goes south,” she forced herself to say between clenched teeth. 

Brad listened and Madison was left to writhe in agony alone.  The minutes stretched into eternities so long as to be void of meaning, as a cold sweat broke over her skin.  The pain did eventually lessen enough that time regained its form.  Madison pulled herself up from the chair and began to make her way from the lab to the parking lot.  She could hear fabric letting loose with each step, her lab coat was in danger of becoming a waistcoat.  She made it to her bedroom door just as it was opening, Ashley stepping out to tackle the day.  Ashley instantly froze as Madison stood before her, only her black panties and what had previously been a loose tank remained.

“I’m in charge now.”  Madison said lifting Ashley under her arms, off the floor.

Ashley’s jaw hung open, dangling on its hinges, just as her red heels did from her toes. Madison lifted her to an engorged breast. Ashley felt compelled to suck as an erect nipple entered her mouth.  She couldn’t believe the two things that happened next.  1) Ashley felt milk flowing into her mouth.  2) She was so turned on by everything that she felt herself flooding her panties. The latter would prompt a diapering from Madison. 

I mean really how could I have resisted the urge to write for that?! If you liked that caption check out my other 1000 word captions. 

As always feedback is appreciated and feel free to PM me with a pic you'd like a 1000 word cappie for.

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wow love it madison is definately in charge now, great story thanks for sharing it
such a great caption! love these stories
a new me teehee
Thanks for the kind words ladies! 
I'm glad you liked it Jessy, these are some of my favorite captions to write too.
I love it when the tables are turned.
Hugs and Snugs,
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