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A thousand word story for TiresiasRex
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Supply and Demand

Rebeccahad agreed to meet with her first appointment of the day on a whim. As the founder and CEO of a major fashionfirm, Rebecca was always very busy and rarely agreed to take interviews withjournaling students. Something about thelatest request though showed promise, and Rebecca figured she could sacrificethirty minutes of her morning to help start the career of another drivenwoman. At exactly 930, Rebeccas deskintercom squawked with the voice of her secretary announcing that herappointment had arrived. Send her in. Good morning Miss Moore. Thank you for beingso punctual. Wont you please have aseat and we will get started.

Thank you Ms. Olsen, and pleasecall me Sarah. Sarah took the offeredseat, smoothing her pencil skirt out beneath as she did so. I know your time is valuable so Ill cut tothe heart of matter. How do you respondto allegations that your factories in India are sweat shops exploiting childlabor?

Rebecca inhaled sharply through hernose. I must say Miss Moore, I amrather disappointed to see you pursuing this line of questioning. Your intro letter asking for this interviewshowed so much more promise than this sort of muckraking journalism. Well I shall tell you the same thing Ivetold everyone else who has asked that question. My factories are operating well within their countrys labor laws.

That may be, but those labor lawsare out date and you are exploiting them to increase your net worth!

If that is how you feel Miss MooreI suggest you call up the officials of the country and conduct an interviewwith them regarding their policies. Nowyou have wasted this valuable opportunity I have given you, so this interviewis over. Off the record Miss Moore, youneed to realize two things. First theaverage consumer does not care who is getting exploited so long as they savemoney, and myself along with every other manufacturer wont change how we dobusiness until that fact changes. Itsall about supply and demand. Secondthere is no career to be made in this sort of reporting, I suggest you rethinkyour major. Rebecca watched as Sarahleft her office. After that appointmentshe was grateful for the cruise she was going on at the end of the week.

Rebecca was five days into her 20day cruise. They had set sail from Dubaiand were doing a circuit around the Arabian Sea. Everything happened so fast. One moment Rebecca was sunbathing on the deckand the next armed men were coming over the sides of the boat, shouting in alanguage Rebecca didnt understand. Oneof them grabbed Rebecca and threw a black hood over her head. Rebecca felt herself being carried off theboat when she heard gunfire and then suddenly found herself falling. Someone else caught her but the hood stayedon. After that, time stretched intoeternity. There was more shouting andgunfire. Then she heard the roar of anengine firing up very close to her head. She transferred several more vehicles before she felt herself being herdedalong blindly. She cried out when shefelt her swimsuit being torn off. Thehood was raised just enough for a gag to be inserted into her mouth andfastened about her head. She then felt something being fastened around herwaist, where her swimsuit once was. Whenthe hood finally came off Rebecca was in a pitch black room and couldnt seeanything except for the dark silhouette of one of her abductors disappearing througha door. The door slammed shut andRebecca was again left in darkness, as hours passed by unmarked and as slow asdays. On her knees with her hands boundbehind her in complete blackness, there was little Rebecca could do exceptcry.

Rebecca looked up in horror as she heardthe door opening. A light clicked on in the room blinding her for a fewmoments. When her eyes finally adjustedher look turned to confusion as the girl who interviewed her over a week ago,stood in front of her.

I suppose you are wandering whatsgoing on. So Ill fill you in. Youve been abducted for the express purposeof being sold to the highest bidder. Thecaptain of your cruise ship served in the Indian Navy prior to rejoiningcivilian life. You see the navy was hisonly option he had to overcome his social class. A class his kid sister is still a victimof. His sister works 15 hour days in oneof your factories. The gun battle wasrigged, and your abductors were ex-navy buddies of the captain. We didnt want anyone to know you were theonly target of the quote pirates, that your captain so bravely fought off. As for the rest of the world they still donteven realize youre missing. The Captainremoved your name from the passenger manifest. When people do finally realize youre missing, they will find your trailgoes cold in Dubai. Dont worry thoughyour company will survive in the capable hands of your CFO, who assured me thecompany will still be very profitable even after shutting down your sweatshops. He helped me put this whole thingtogether. And as for you, well as Ialready said you will be sold to the highest bidder, as an unbroken adult baby.

It was then that Rebecca realized thegag was a pacifier and she had a diaper strapped around her loins.

And if youre wondering how somethinglike this could happen, its simple. Aslong as there are willing buyers, someone will make sure there is product tosell. Its all about supply and demand,isnt that what you told me? Dont frettoo much though, I hear there is a wealthy oil baroness in the crowd lookingfor a new adult baby slut, maybe she will like you.

Here is a link to the other thousand word captions I've done, if anybody wants to check them out:
Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to send me a message, if you think you have a photo that's worth a thousand words.
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Bless you for this, diaperedsam!

I KNEW that image looked familiar....(and as I mentioned to you once upon a time, it was almost going to be one of my avatars).

Thank you for honoring my request and for producing such a vivid story!

Walk in Beauty,


Yea, sorry for the wait, I kind of forgot about it for a bit. Hopefully it was worth the wait though :-)
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