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Jenny and Paul had been dating since sophomore year in high school. Now, both 18 and seniors, Jenny finally decided that it was time that they consummated their relationship. She shared her thoughts with Paul, who was eager to finally get into her pants. It was decided, regardless of how clich it may be, that they would go back to Jenny's house after the prom since her parents wouldn't be home. Jenny asked just one small favor of Paul, she wanted him to wear a pair of her panties to dance. Paul was hesitant to go along with the idea.
I don't know Jenny, I've never had any interest if girls lingerie, except you know seeing it on you. Paul looked down embarrassed by his forwardness. He had always been extremely shy and introverted. In fact he probably never would have even gotten up the courage to ask Jenny out had fate not thrown them together as lab partners. Jenny on the other hand was extremely out going and seemed to always have to be interacting with someone in some capacity. She found Paul's reserved nature endearing and thought he was cute in his own shy way. She had to drop a lot of hints and all but spelled it out for him, before she finally got Paul to ask her out. After that first date she quickly assumed her natural role as the dominate partner.
Oh come on Paul, I think it will be super sexy knowing that underneath your tux you will be wearing a pair of my underwear. No one will know but me and there is zero chance anyone will find out. It's just always been a kink of mine and if you do it for me, I promise you I will be so horny by the end of the night, I will barely be able to resist going at it in the back of the limo.
Fine. Paul said, resigning himself Jenny's whims.
Great! I'll be right back. Jenny disappeared up the stairs heading to her room. Moments later she was descending them again, although this time it was slowly with her hands behind and seductive smile on her face. Close your eyes, she instructed Paul as she rejoined him on the couch. When he did she laid a pair of underwear on the cushion between them. Now open them.
When he did Paul was taken back by the article of clothing he saw. Jenny hadn't chosen a simple pair of cotton panties, or even an elegant black satin pair. What laid in front of him was a hot pink pair of silk panties with row upon row of ruffled lace across the back. The rows alternated color from black to hot pink. On the front waistband was a bow tied from black ribbon.
Jenny no. No you can not be serious. Paul said when he finally got over his shock.
Oh I am very serious Paul, besides what's it matter what they look like once you have your clothes on. Now promise me you will wear them on prom night, Jenny said.
Fine. Paul felt completely humiliated just agreeing to wear them.
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Jenny said lunging forward and hugging Paul.

On the night of prom Paul arrived at Jenny's house to pick her up. When she answered the door the first thing she said was, Are you wearing them?
Paul immediately began to blush but nodded yes.
Get in here, I want to check. she said pulling him into her house and shutting the door behind him. Before Paul could even protest she had his fly down and shot her hand in past the zipper. It took a moment to work in past Paul's tucked in shirt but then her hand brushed against the cool slick feeling of the panties and Jenny knew that he was in fact wearing. Paul, you've made me so happy right now. She said before she gave him a hard kiss, her tongue just as active in his mouth as her hand was in his pants, squeezing his silk encase member. She broke off the kiss as abruptly as she initiated it. Now zip up and lets get going.
At the school the gym was packed as was to be expected and a steady rhythmic beat blared over the speaker system. Most of the night's music was of the club variety giving the young couples ample time to grind on one another. Paul and Jenny were no different. Paul was just grateful that very little dancing was actually expected of the guy in these scenarios and Jenny did most of the work dancing against him. By the time the dance was over Paul was extremely frustrated and felt as though he was going to explode at any minute in pants.
Jenny took him by the hand and led him into the living room. Are you ready for this? she asked with her wicked smile. I'll strip first, since you've already done me a favor tonight.
Paul swallowed hard as his girlfriend stood before him in only her light blue underthings. Do you like what you see? She asked teasingly.
Yes very much so. Paul replied.
Here let me undress you. Jenny offered before stripping him down. She slowly undid his belt and began inching his pants down. All of a sudden she stopped and took a step back. Paul what the hell is that? She said pointing at his crotch.
Paul looked down to see a dark spot on the front of the panties. Evidently all the grinding had gotten things going with out him. He began to stammer out an explanation, I... I... I must've-
He was cut off by Jenny, No I don't want to here it. If you can't keep your panties dry your going back into diapers.
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I did this for a friend of mine on another site, but thought it was SK relevant so I posted it here as well. If you know of a picture you think is worth a thousand words send me a message and I'll write a story to go with it.
I'm officially writing to say: Keep this story going!

Panties, diapers, accidents...and an uber-hot Jenny. What's not to like?
Mina Silverwind
1000 words made this captioned picture a sheer vision of loveliness and I simply adored the plot.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
probably the best story ever OMG!!! xxxxx YOu HAVE got to continue this immediatly!! if not its a crime and i dont want to part of a crime!! ppplease continue it ASAP please oh please oh please!!!! xx Amazing work 12/10 !!!
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 probably the best story ever OMG!!! xxxxx YOu HAVE got to continue this immediatly!! if not its a crime and i dont want to part of a crime!! ppplease continue it ASAP please oh please oh please!!!! xx Amazing work 12/10 !!!  

Everyone above is right, this is an excellent story and we need you to continue it! i love it when the sissy is properly reluctant...
This picture and story are wonderful! I am going to have to take you up on your offer because I know that you never fail to dissapoint! I can't wait to see what pictures everyone sends you, and what story you give them! :)
Lots of tight and long hugs!
Baby Butch
Is it just me or did it suddenly become hot in here! Great cappie every step of the way, especially the twisted ending about the panties being wet. I would have been wet as soon as Jenny unzipped my fly and started reaching around to find the panties. Paul clearly needs to be put in a diaper.
diaper that baby
a new me teehee
keep it going!
Yes, I like what I see.

Keep up the good work!


I can't wait for the next chapter.
- Sissy Desiree

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