PG 13 From Leotard Thief To Sissy Tutu Boy.
A Leotard Thief, steals from the wrong person his sister and faces the consequences of his actions.
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From Leotard Thief
To Sissy Tutu Boy

Stephen Bell was your typical troublesome 13 year old boy, that always got into trouble for one thing or another. He had an older sister, Lisa, who was 16. They both lived with their mother, Mandy, who broguht them up by her self, ever since their father had ran off with another woman.

Stephen had an unhealthy curiousity, not only that, he also a bad habit of taking things that did not belong to him too. Stephen was at the shopping centre with not really much to do while his sister went about looking for girlie things like bras, knickers etc.

The shopping centre, was simply one huge storer that sold every thing, clothign was at one end with it it's own set of isles, there was sports section, swimmwear, a huge girls/ladies fashion area. The whole store was utterly huge, a person could easily get lost down one of the isles, if they were not careful.

A few girls had gone into one of the changing rooms nearby the gymnastics section of the Sports Area of the store.  They came back out again wearing nothin gbut just Leotards which put a huge smile on Stephen's face.

(Stephen Bell)

"And just what do you think you are doing staring at those girls in their Leotards and what are you smiling about?" Came the sudden voice of Lisa, as she noticed Stephen stood there staring at the girls with a big grin on his face.

"What?" Remarked Stephen, who was suddenly startled by his sister that had just turned up out of the blue. Quickly he changed the subject matter. "I'm not staring at anything in particular, just day dreaming I gusess. What is taking you so long?"

Lisa did not much like her brothers reply. "Day dreaming about what exactly?"
"Nothing that would interest you."
"Oh yeah, how would you know that?" Stephen was about to reply when she suddenly remarked in anger.

"And just what do you mean by what is taking me so long?. I'm shopping for dresses and shoes, followed by needing a handbag, make up, the whole complete outfit and excessories. Things like that can't be rushed."
"Typical. You girls always take way too long in doing things."

"How dare you say things like that. But that is just typical of a boy like you to say something like that. Do not speak of things that you know nothing aobut. You're not a girl." Stephen looked at his sister in semi disgust, or what almost appeared to be like it, but wasn't.

But Lisa could not be sure what it was, but she had a feeling that her no good for nothing brother was hiding something. She was determined though to find out, what that was. "Yeah, glad I am not a girl." That sentance somehow did not sound as convincing as it should have done, but Lisa said nothing of it.

She just simply got back to what she was doing. When Stephen looked back to look at the young girls in the leotards, they had gone. His heart sank. He was hiding something, something he knew only too well that Lisa would take full advantage of if she should ever find out.

The shopping trip was soon over, much to Stephen's relief. He went up to his room and played on his video games. Lisa went up to her room and did what ever she did in her room. Which was mostly always dance practice, since she went to Ballet Classes.

Stephen knew this because he had been in her room many times and had taken one of her leotrds and put it on.  He loved wearing them vrey much and the feel of them, being tight against his body.

The leotards though were not the only things that he liked wearing. No matter what he took, he was very careful and put everything back so that Lisa would never notice that they had ever gone missing, or so he thought. Lisa was not much into pink, she had slight Tomboy like tendancies at times, wearing boyish clothes and colours.

She had an old red skirted leotard which He loved the most, even though it was not really his size, despite the fact that leotards on the whole are quite stretchy. He wanted to wear that one, one last time, as he had heard Lisa one day telling mother that she wanted it to go to a charity shop so that some other young girl can have it, wear it and get enjoyment from it, as she once used to do so.

Which meant, that he wont be able to wear that leotard ever again. A part of him actualy wanted to keep it. But should he try to do that. That was bound to cause trouble and he did not want that. More than anything, he did not want to be found out of keeping it and wearing it.

Stephen waited for the day when his sister would be out without him having to tag along with her, with his only being 13, it meant that he could not go to places until he was old enough to be responsible for himself.

He waited as usual until she was completely gone from the house. He saw her leave and disappear out of range. He quickly dashed into her bedroom. Even though there wwas no need to rush, he quickly began to take off all of his clothes. He took the red skirted leotard from the place where he knew where she had kept it.

He had put on one her pair of satin and lace edged knickers. "I wish that these were frilly ones with frills from front to back." Remarked Stephen in a high pitched girly like voice. He then put on the red skirted leotard. He struggled with the arms, since the leotard had long sleeves.

As he got his left arm finally into the left sleeve, he heard a sound that got him worried. "Oh... oh... I hope that was not what I think it was." Stephen remarked to himself and he went over to the full length mirror that was inside his sisters bedroom.

He stood to one side and and looked at the reflection of the mirror. his fears were confirmed, when he saw a huge tear all the way down the left side. "Oh no... How am I going to disguise this?"
"You can't..." came a sudden voice... Stephen froze.

Just then his sister came out from a hidden place that he did not know about. "I, I, I... thought that you had left."
"That was what you was meant to think."
Remarked Lisa who came towards her brother. I have been noticing that my leotards had been moved, not only that, also worn by the way they had been stretched. Trust me the signs that they have been so are easy to notice... You would not know or be aware of that, being a boy."

Stephen said nothing, he was still frozen in complete and utter shock.
"Oh wait... My mistake, a boy like you that likes to take and wear girls leotards is not a boy. You are in fact a Sissy. Oh... don't worry, I'm glad that you actually are one, since I only went out the other day and bought you this."

Remarked Lisa, who had been holding something behind her back, until she now held it out in front of her for Stephen to see.

(A New Leotard For Stephen)

Stephen looked on not being able to believe what was now before him. Lisa held out a pretty pink leotard. "Since you struggle with long sleeves so much. I have a friend who can make alterations. In fact, that is a more better idea. I can have her alter this leotard so that it is more fitting for a Sissy like you."

Stephen could only stand there not able to say or do anything. He was told to do everything Lisa told him to do. She planned though on letting her mum know what a Sissy her son was. Which she was sure that mother would love very much to hear.

Lisa had the leotard altered at long last and before Stephen knew what was happening. She had him put it on and do exactly as instructed to do. So now he stood in a very Sissy doll like pose in a cute pink ballerina like outfit. Lisa had made sure to dress & humiliate him to the extreme in the best way possible and then some.

(The Sissy Tutu Boy)

There was a flash of light, several flashes in fact. "Oh Your friends are going to know that you are a Sissy now and happy to be one. I know you are. I can tell. I'm going to invite a few of my friends around, they have just got to see what a cute and adorable Sissy I have for a brother." Remarked Lisa in a fit of giggles as she continued to take further more pictures of Sissy Stephen.

But one would have to agree, that Stephen does make a very cute Sissy Tutu Boy indeed.




'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

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Baby Butch
I put in the last picture as the thumbnail.

Have not read the cappie story yet.

enjoyed this story amy liked it almost as much as the emo one, but that one had a sissy dress and a diaper.
Fank you Sissy Dina for your comment, it is much appreciated and I am so happy to see your comment. I am also glad to know that you liked this new caption and short story combo.

I have a few more captions that I need to work on, getting around to doing those is a little difficult, due to hot weather here in the uk and my apartment not having air conditioning, not help matters. But as soon as the weather I hope, settles.

I will get to work on the other captions. I have a lot to do, which is a good thing, I love doing caption work.

Hugs & Kisses.


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Baby Butch
I like the story with pictures added caption piccie. Stephen Bell is indeed a young sissy.

I like the pink leotard much better after the alterations. I don't really like long sleeve leotards either, he he.

The images for the story are very good ones. I will reply to your PM later when I have more time to do so.

Nice job creating the caption story!
Hugs Baby Butch : ) 
Fank you Baby Butch for the comment. Much appreciated. I am so happy that you like the images and story both. With these kind of captions you get the best of both caption work and a short story at the same time. It's the perfect combo.

Love, hugs & Kisses


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Stephen the Sissy Tutu Boy looks cute in those tights and ballet dress, and I like the way he poses with his arms and hands. But why the marks on his face?
Sitting here in a black flower patterned skirt,
*Jumps up and down spins around making my self dizzy as I cry out Prissie!* I have so missed your comments. May I ask why you stopped?

*Tries hard not to cry, but already have tears runing down my face*

Sorry about that, I really, truly have missed your comments on my posts. Im glad that you like the caption, the marks onhis face are painted on Rosey Cheeks, sadly the picture is quite blurred, hence why the red dots on his face look like marks on his face.

I am not sure even if I were to use an image editor, if I would be able to clear up the image any better, sometimes with blurred shots, they can be made to look better, but some, sometimes no look any better after trying corrections.

It's a bit of of a hit and miss process. At the time of makin gthis caption story, I was not feelin gquite well to take the time making image alterations. I'm still trying to recover, I'm suffering from a bad case of IBS.

Though I am taking mediction for this, the effects of the IBS are quite bad, when I sit, move, stand, I get pains around my tummy, the most concentrated area is around my belly button. Both pain and discomfort really makes my ability to do things, very hard for me to do.

I only hope that the medication that I have been given will work and that I get better soon.

Hugs & kisses


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

@ PetBabyAmy
  Sorry to hear about your problems with IBS. I've been busy the last few months what with the death of my mother last March and other things, so it was only in the last week or two that I started catching up on participation in ye merrie Sissykiss. I'll try as best as I can to read as many posts here as possible, and comment when I see something that catches my fancy.

Luv for all you do in spite of your health issues,
Matt (Paige-Hannah)
charlee shultz
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