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Hi all,

Today marks the release of my 2nd full forced diapering comic. It's by far my longest comic yet, at over half a thousand images, and makes for quite a large file size so does take some time to download from Lulu (make sure you save it rather than open it in the browser). It was originally going to be multiple comics, but I decided to unite it all into one super long comic for a cheaper price, so I think it turns out much more fun this way.

It's also my dirtiest comic yet, being much more explicit with certain topics such as lesbian training and diaper usage. 

It draws heavily on themes from my Shipped Away story from several years back, bringing a lot of ideas from there to visual form. So any fans of that may be interested in checking this out...


The Reform Academy for Adult Women

When a prissy young business woman is indicted for embezzlement, she opts to go to a secret spa facility instead of prison, being promised that it is a fast-track out of the legal system. Unfortunately for her, it quickly becomes run more like a boarding school, leaving her rather stuck, as a rising number of unexpected developments are in store for the cocky beauty which will risk changing her life forever.

Contains themes such as forced diaper wearing and reliance, school spankings, lesbian training for straight girls, ageplay, upskirts, desperation, anal games, some light hypnosis elements, etc.

 [Purchase Link for $33 on Lulu]

(It is a very big pdf, and will take a few minutes to download, so it's probably a good idea to save the file to your computer and opening it from there).

As always it's just a silly amateur comic, definitely not going to win any awards for artistic talent. At over half a thousand images for what most artists charge for a single commissioned drawing, I hope that people still see this as pretty good value however. It definitely gets to tell a larger and darker diaper story with the quantity, without delving into other fetishes for the sake of wider appeal, so I hope that the appeal of a 'pure' diaper comic works for some people.

This comic is my most 'premium' item developed so far, intended to be on par with the longer adultbabysource/flbabygirls type movies, and should be bought by those who at some level feel that many women - perhaps even some they know, or themselves - need to be turned into giant, thickly diapered babies, with their adult rights stripped from them, and a firm authority figure brought in to oversee their life. This shows the realistically better outcomes which are possible for those sorts of girls, no longer having to make decisions for themselves, but now at the complete stern whims of their 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'.

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i'll loving that :) (i can't paid that for moment but i will in january ;) )
Thanks for the update, Ausdpr! Was PrincessPottypants involved in this venture, too? Or was it a solo effort by your immortal self? Either way, I am intrigued.
Purely me, though I think that at some stage I did discuss doing comics with PP doing the writing, since I think that she is a pretty strong story teller.
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