All XXX Prisoners of The Robo Nannies
Some promo pictures of my illustrated story
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Hi all!

I've just released a lengthy new illustrated & colored novel with heavy ABDL domination themes, which has been in the works for a few months now. It was originally inspired by the old 'Lost In Space' fan story by Hal, though morphed into something quite different in the end. It contains the usual crazy themes for my kind of stories, check out my blog to see what that contains if you're unsure.

Prisoners Of The Nanny Bots

When a feuding wealthy family travels to one of Earth's first space colonies, the last thing that they expect to find is an automated nursery, which even more bizarrely seems intent on keeping the adult daughters in diapers as if they are oversized babies. Their frustrated mother happily obliges, wanting her adult daughters out of her hair, but where will the machine stop? Will the two adult sisters ever get out of diapers once their mother has unlocked all of the machine's features? Or are the argumentative women finally going to learn what it means to be good girls? 

(63,000 word novel with bonus 24 colored illustrations)

[Purchase Link: $12.99 on Lulu]

(Note: This is as usual an amateur indie project, not the highest art quality around, though I am happy to say that I've made a few stylistic changes which I think really improved the quality of my art on previous work)

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I love the first illustration with the giant nappy.  Its fantastic.  Your art is better than you give yourself credit for.

Jennifer x
Looks great! 

And rumor has it that you are also collaborating with another SK author on an illustrated story...Any future publication date for us to look forward to (on that project)?
Heh thanks, I think that it's okay, but would like it to be even better! Backgrounds are my next mission.

There maaay be something in the works, I really hope so, but we'll have to see ;). Where did you hear such outrageous claims anyway? :P
Dear Ausdpr: 

Fear not, Your secret is safe. And I just sent you a PM.

Walk in Beauty,


Baby Butch

Excellent job with the drawings and colorization.
They appear bright and clear to me!

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