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Hi all, it appears that Lulu's brief sale has ended, sorry about that. For reference, my 3 comics/stories so far are -



World of the Immortals, where an Earth-based college student travels to another world, where they decide to keep her as a baby.

Prisoners of the Nanny Bots, where an arguing space-travelling family comes across a robotic nursery, and their mother happily allows the over-eager nanny-bots to diaper and spank her two argumentative adult daughters, though it looks like the robots may not stop there.


Island of the Giants: Undercover at Daycare, a prize-winner journalist sneaks into the daycare on an island of unusually tall people, intended to get a scoop on reports that they're keeping short foreigners as captive oversized adult children - but she might just end up getting a long-term first hand account. This one was a bit lower quality and cheaper, with black & white images.
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Very lovely, I enjoy your captions as well.
a new me teehee
Baby Butch
Good luck with the Comics and Books.
The samples posted look lovely and are done very nicely.
Baby Butch : )

Adult Babies
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