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A bit of fun from AusDpr
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Heya all,

I've been working on an illustrated story for a while, focusing on the usual themes of my content (giants, spanking, diapers, etc). It's about thirteen thousand words long, with 17 black & white illustrations, plus a few smaller drawings.


When a prize-winning journalist hears unbelievable stories about an island nation filled with unusually tall people, who keep petite adult foreigners as child-like submissives, she is compelled to investigate, thinking that realistically she wont find anything.

Kim decides on sneaking into the secretive country and infiltrating a local daycare, thinking that it will at least be fun to imagine being a kid again, with all the cuteness and carefree opportunities that it would bring, and hating to admit that she enjoys the thoughts of the erotic domination overtones, though expects to find nothing, and be back out by the days end. Unfortunately, the rumours might not be completely unfounded, and Kim may find her visit to childhood to be far less temporary than she expected...

Purchase Link: ($5.99 on Lulu)

It's an amateur project, and is just meant to be a bit of dirty fun.

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Baby Butch

I seem Kim got more than she expected.


I like the cappies with a giant theme.


Good luck with your projects.


Totally loooved the first story, and equally loved this one! I would love to see a few more pics in each story though, it's hard for little sissies to read so many words =p 

Can't wait for the next!
Woo thanks, glad that somebody liked it. :D

My initial goal was to start out with 5 pics, but somehow I couldn't stop myself until there was 17, and those small few extra half-pics. I'd love even more too, but had to stop myself and get it released before I entered a third week of working on it. :P
Hi all, please note that this has been remastered in 2014 now that my skills have improved, fully coloured now, and with the main character's design changed. Previous buyers of the old edition should be able to upgrade with a tool I've made here.

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