*Christie Luvs Gallery*

Luvs & Huggies,
~*Christie Luv*~
Hi lovies! Im the webmissy of Sissy Kiss, and I programmed, and designed Sissy Kiss from the heels, and up. Im half sissy, half geek, and proud! =) Please inbox me if you need any help with Sissy Kiss!

What role I love to be in sissy play kind of depends on what mood Im in. Sometimes I love being a sissy, sissy baby, sissy maid, or even a mistress, or AB mommy!

Im a pre-op transsexual girl, and I hope to have SRS one day. Its just so expensive! I've been living 24/7 as my true self who is a lady for over 10 years. You can check out Sissy Kiss feminization guide that I wrote to see fab feminization tips I have for TGirls!

I also love making fun, and sexy sissy captioned images for sissies, and as well as pixel art! Check out my gallery to see them all! *Christie Luvs Gallery*

Luvs & Huggies,
~*Christie Luv*~
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