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I have looked for little girl vests for years and I have finally found somewhere that sells them. Not only that but this seller has panties, diapers, socks and bottles too. And!! And they sell these super cute t-shirts with adorable designs and phrases.

I ended up buying a vest with matching panties, a t-shirt and socks. They arrived yesterday and are fantastic, well made and sent with such love and care. I highly recommend this seller, they really care about what they make and sell.

You can see more here.

Oh and great prices too!!!!


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yes, i recommend this seller too.
i have a cute shirt from her with "Mommys little Sissy" printed on it.
maybe for christmas i will buy a set of panties with the days of the week in them... :-)
Jennifer Funshine
I forgot to post in this thread earlier last week, but yes, Little Annabel has an amazing
assortment of t-shirts and cute diaper prints that I would just love to get some day!
This is a really good find, littlegirlinside and I wanted to thank you for sharing the info here.

And congrats on getting that adorable Hello Kitty outfit,
I can only imagine how comfy it must be! *huggles* :)
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