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Hi all, I've been searching for AB Sissy stuff for a long time and I'm going to post some of my favorite finds.

This is a Pink Hello Kitty Pacifier in a more Adult/Teen size. I would love one for myself.

Heres a link to the site that it comes from.

Privatina is a European site that makes really good looking Adult Baby clothes such as onesies. This is an adorable toddler school uniform that I would just die if I got.
They have lots of great things, check them out.

Finally, I am sure we are all familiar with ABUniverse by now, and some of us are aware of their upcoming Sissy Diapers, but we are now able to take preorders on them, even though they wont be out until probably spring of 2013. Still, we at least have the design for them, so here it is.

Haven't tried any of their diapers for myself, but I hear they are just as good as Bambinos, which I have tried.
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These lovely people support all the features in Sissy Kiss to contribute to our community! So it would help so much if you could check them out, and say your from Sissy Kiss. Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!
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Sugar Lily
i wish i could wear all this for experience. it would be good fun. if only my girlfriend would get into this herself then we would have fetish we'd have in common

Baby Butch
Very nice favorites, I like all of them. The AB Universe diapers are designed like real baby diapers. Too bad they are quite expensive with shipping, so I watch for the sales.

They stopped offering free shipping on the Abena cases. I once bought a case of Abena M4 for $40 inclulding shipping. Now they are $60 plus shipping, too bad I need some more.

I really like the Hello Kitty diapers and the toddler schoolgirl uniform with a diaper on. Have a great day!
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