Bunch of new Short Short Caps, 4th Dec 2010
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A very lovely set! Number 1 is definatly my favorite :)
Lots of tight and long hugs!
And one more which I thought I might change
good job on these
hugs and kisses
i love these
thank you so much these really brightened my day
very very cute
Mina Silverwind
A great storyline as always, each one is more fantastic than the last, and please keep up the good work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby Flo
Very nice little stories! I love them all!
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
Princess Lily
These are great!
Little girls are made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.
But sometimes, bad little girls need a spanking.

Babies are made of diapers, and drool, and castor oil.
But they are often cuddled, and pampered, and told how pretty and sweet they are.

So... Which would you rather be?
Im a baby 
a new me teehee
Baderella should continue! Oh Please!!

Thanks for sharing your talents!
Offline / Online BDSM Safety

Security 101

Class 1 - Online D / s - AOL and IRC
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Even in our little online world, there is a danger.
For all new submarines Doms, like, here are some standard rules for the transition to the line D / SA, to make them happier.
First not always respond to private messages reach you. If you are someone who has been rude vulgar, or harassing, simply press the Cancel button. Even if you have a new section and instant messaging, have ;the dominant line,; Nobody should be abused.
Second thing to read! The fact that you are a good start here! There are many good books on D / s on the market. It can really pay to do your homework.
Third If you make your first forays into chat rooms, not to advertise an open channel or a room, you and what you need. This is a magnet for all who are out there looking for cybersex quickly and easily. If you are seriously looking to make friends, contacts and partners, wherever possible, be careful. Read the profiles, if any, or ;Who's Who; in the IRC. News about people you care about. Maintain a polite conversation on the channel / room. Show respect and you will win in nature.
There are many cameras and fourth channels, where to find like-minded people. In the IRC rooms that contain the word ;Start;, ;South; or ;El Castillo; is a good place to start. At AOL, is the ;castle;, ;Fortress;, a document with the ;dungeon; or ;Castle;. Each of these channels / rooms are different in personality. Try them all and see which one suits you.
Fifth Never give your real name, phone number, credit card information for any other personal information to someone just start talking over the Internet. Knowing someone with time before revealing anything important! All names, enough at first sight.
Sixth When contacted by a potential partner, ask questions! Meet the man and the online help, and much care for references on that person. Note the warnings you can get a man, but be sure to ask for an opinion. If you're not online, the program wants to find a potential partner in any case, please go very slowly. Remember that the Internet is just real life. Make them earn their trust.
Seventh Always be aware that this forum of communication ports and other personalities. You have to think also that people are not always what they seem or claim. If you make a reasonable level, you save yourself the potential pain on the road.
Eighth Calls: If someone wants to talk to you, and you still have full confidence that they offer to call and not give your number. You can disable the ID of everyone who called to extinguish a punch in the code (see the phone book information, or call the telephone company). Keep your first conversation brief and cordial. If you have any questions about the end of it, they keep calling. Never go against your instincts - which are its most valuable resource. If your number and told him with respect and not call again and again, we could close on time, this door.
Ninth Even if you live next to someone they meet online is not a good idea to go to achieve it rapidly. Take time to become familiar with the talks on the phone several times, and if you agree to take, sitting in a public place and bring a friend. Graves potential partners do not care.

Class 3 - Stage Safety First
There is always a good idea to know someone well to know before committing to playing time. There is also a good idea to think long and hard think about what you want, then take it to another person, it is clear beforehand.
There is also a good idea of ??their limits (yes, the dome has limitations, too!) Remove and exchange before the first scene.
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First INSURANCE CALL: see point 5 Lesson 2 If you want to play at home, his new partner, be sure to call a safe address, phone number, map and clear directions to the house. If you want to play at home, do not turn off the phone and make sure you have an emergency room, local police and location of each mobile phone in an emergency. Valuables sure your partner arrives. If you play in a motel or a third party, make sure you know exactly where to call. If the motel, make sure you have included a number and title numbers. There is also a good idea to keep your wallet or keys and the door, so quickly if necessary.
Second is a good idea to keep the light of the first stage. I recommend bondage, pain or fun for your first scene with a new partner. There are many other activities that used to know each other to find out likes and dislikes can learn. Even if it works, you want to save something for later.
SafeWord Third: We must negotiate and secure word and / or actions before the first meeting. My recommendations are very simple like ;slow down and the red; stop the yellow. Do not play with words - they are your safety and security of the network, and should only be used if they are told.
Safer Sex Fourth: I do not think anyone needs to be reminded about this, but I'm going to throw anyway. Both sides need condoms if you forget. It only takes a few seconds to slide a condom. Take long and painful death from AIDS.
Fifth If at any time by either party is uncomfortable, STOP !!!!! Clothing. Talk. And then another thing. It takes great confidence to make meaningful D / s relationship. Take your time to create this foundation.

Class 4 - Emotional security
No, not all physical pain. Sometimes it's so good at his head and heart, and sometimes are difficult to treat scars.
Here are some tips to reduce risk in the first place.
First Be honest. Himself. With potential partners. They are not ashamed to admit they do not know, or ask questions. If you are looking for 24 / 7, do not tell anyone who wants to play. If you are looking for love and romance to be a major issue. If you are honest about what you want, not what you have to suffer in the long term.
Second do not show too much about his personal life to anyone on the Internet. Many people use their concerns and problems of instant hot gossip.
Third If something does not feel is right, not likely. His instincts, once again, that is your best memory and resources. Use, and listen.
Fourth Follow all warnings. If you have more than one person said a potential partner may be able to hear easily. Remember that this person is to hear from someone you know, but always heard, and openly ask your partner what you hear. Finally, it depends on you, if you believe everything you hear, but I always heard that someone tried to say, and always check.
If a potential partner Fifth encourages you to ask anyone about it on the Internet, ask why. And then they wonder why. And proceed, if you can not find a satisfactory answer, either on foot or with extreme caution.
Sixth If a potential partner can not be solved with personal information after you have submitted yours, so take this as a warning. Find out why.
Seventh is not absorbed by line of Gossip. It might be interesting for a while, but eventually return against you. There are people online who had nothing to do. None of them become.
Eighth Think about it. Trust yourself Be honest with yourself. First take care of you.
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Outstanding, loved them all, you selected great pictures and I'm amazed you manage to convey such lovely stories in such brevity.
all of these are amazing!!
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