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"BUKKAKE SLUT" PART 3 [Ice-Cream Censored]

PART 3 CAPTION: "SPERMED-&-SPRINKLED; It's The Sissy-Cuck Version Of Tar-&-Feathered” ...OR... "This Sundae Cums With A Cherry On The Bottom!"

Disclaimer: For Sissy Consumption Only!
[Core ingredient is 'Sperm'; NOT ACTUAL CANDY]

* This is the 'Ice-Cream Censored’ Version of PART 3 in a 3-part sissy-cuckold series that I recently completed. I must confess that despite mostly identifying as a sexless sissybaby, deep down I do also fantasize about such forbidden forced humiliation scenarios, especially in light of my growing curiosities for cock and being covered in alpha-male ejaculate.

* The graphic ‘X-Rated’ Version can be found on my Flickr PRO account here:

* You can also read about how I was inspired to explore this theme thanks in-part to the titillating work of Prim/Prissy (as well as a new update about Mommy Ellen), in Letter No. 7 of the  just posted Aunt Frocks' Newsletter No. 31 over on Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse:

* I also incorporated some of the text from the description for Goddess Lycia's sissification hypnosis MP3 of the same name. You can hear a sample snippet of her shamefully arousing recording here.
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