PG 13 PEENIE PETAL [Censored]
...A Decorative 'Skirt' For The Penis
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Dress up your Sissy's boi-bits in a beautiful frilly fluff of lace and pearls. With over two yards of organza, this decorative 'skirt' for the penis is firmly secured with a long satin ribbon that ties in a bow at the 'waist'. It is adorned with rosebuds and seven tinkle-bells that signal Sissy's every move.

Not only is his 'special area' begging to be 'pretty', but you're sure to be the envy of your knitting circle once they see your mincing big baby twirling about like little fairy-princess in nothing more than his ruffled peenie petal and matching lace ankle socks. Although with all the excitement, make sure to have both a camera and a potty-chair on hand as shameful accidents are bound to occur, especially in front of company!
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Baby Puss
Love all those frillies, and the bells push it to great heights of sissyness.  
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