"Open wide! Here comes the strained peas choo-choo train!"
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Now we were starting to have some fun! Though he somehow didn't seem to think so. I guess strained peas and apricot pudding weren't what he had in mind for lunch! Poor baby!

Make sure he's bibbed, because you're going to want to smear and spill some of his baby food on his face, just to make sure he feels like a complete baby. A little Messy Babyfood Mortification, complete with a dose of the 'ol Castor Oil Treatment, can go a long way in gaining obedience from your unruly big brat.

Feed hubby-baby every last morsel of his mush. Then wipe his face and prepare his ba-ba. If you really want to make your husband feel like a baby, fill his bottle with yicky warmed-up infant formula. If he's a good hubby-baby, and drinks every last drop, I might undo my bra and let hubby-baby suckle mommy's breast.

*Another homage to WhAP! (Women Who Administer Punishment) Magazine / / His New Mommy 'zines.
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It would certainly make me feel like a baby and i would enjoy the last part suscking on mummy's breasts    
After all that I’m sure a full diaper was also going to happen, that would complete the full baby experience for sure
My wife picked out a cute outfit for me to wear when we were staying at a hotel... pink baby doll top, ruffled double nylon tennis panty with ruffles on the seat, baby girl hair-bows that clipped on, She was dressed in black panty and french bra, garter belt and nylons, and high sexy.  She teased me until I came in my panty, and I was exhausted, and wanted to immediately take off my baby girl outfit and "be a man" again. But No!

She wouldn't let me change. I had to sit there in my wet panty while she got out the Gerber baby food. She smeared green peas all over my face while talking baby-talk to me. then she had me stand up and she peeled a banana and put it in the seat of my panty!  I felt like i just pooped in my panty! And she teased me about that too.
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