Shopping in public with make-up, diapers and baby clothes on.
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I recently had the opportunity to visit 'My Inner Baby', a brick-and-mortar boutique specializing in AB/DL supplies. Such safe-space retail stores are not easy to come by so I was excited to discover it while on a recent trip. It was a little nerve-racking first walking in, but the friendly staff made me feel very welcome and it was nice not having to feel self-conscious about buying diapers / sissywear in public for once. I was able to try on a number of outfits and they even helped snap a few piccies of me posing in front of their nursery-themed checkout counter.

Speaking of which, I can be seen wearing my newly purchased Onesies Downunder bodysuit in the following picture. I couldn't resist buying it since I'm powerless against the allure of cute pastel vintage-looking nursery prints. I even left the store wearing it over my Princess diapers and high gloss waterproof pants [both by Rearz]. Not surprisingly, the onesie's called 'Pastel Party'.

Anyway, I highly recommend visiting 'My Inner Baby', who have a great selection of diapers and big baby clothing. And if you aren't in the area, you can also order from them online at:

Finally, shout-out to Onesies Downunder [ODU], whose cute onesies are not only very soft/comfortable, but also provide great support holding my saggy diapers and plastic panties in place [just be advised that you may need to order a few sizes up from what you're normally accustomed to]. You can find them here:
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Baby Puss
Could you ask for better.?  
Baby Butch
Sounds like great shopping fun to me!
That looks like a really fun store!   I would love to be able to visit it one day.
I just wanted to say thanks for posting about this store. I never heard about it before, but this weekend, I ordered my first size 10 paci from them 
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