R Pampers Olympics (His New Mommy Issue 9)
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Pampers Olympics (His New Mommy - Issue 9)

*Another homage I made in honor of WhAP! (Women Who Administer Punishment) Magazine / Hubbies.com.

This one is a mock cover I made of the former internet publication His New Mommy, which had been previously available on the old, now-defunct Hubbies.com site (no longer there sadly). Hubbies.com was a spinoff of Whap! magazine and it served as an online daycare center for naughty adult babies. As you can see, I am so desperately in need of their services!

In this scene, the humiliation on gets worse after the judges demand an on-the-spot diaper change before submitting their final scores to ensure that this little ‘triathlete’ successfully completed all 3 stages of the competition.

Please find me on FetLife (https://fetlife.com/users/5926712) and Tumblr (http://fmatty.tumblr.com)
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So perfect for the naughty sissybaby, humiliated and laughed at as the little baby she is  
Great stuff.  
Baby Butch
Wonderful creation and you appear to be the STAR.
Hiya Mattie! My goodness! I can only wonder at what order the events run! Is our poor red faced triathlete  allowed to make spurties first or does he have to wait until his nappies are full? An on the spot diaper change would be humiliating indeed and that podium looks exactly the right shape for the administering of a damn good smacked bottom - no doubt causing the crowd to jeer even louder.
       Wonderful work as always Mattie sweetie and a very fine tribute to a sadly lost site. xxx
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
@ kay3070
  Thank you Kay my dear; I always love your titillating feedback! It's a good question about the order of events. I imagine having to endure making forced spurties in a messy diaper would be perhaps the most humiliating fate, although a public bottie smacking session on the podium would be quite mortifying as well. xoxo
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