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HANGING SISSY BREASTS: What better way to completely expose a closet sissy husband than to give him an enormous set of feminized breasts?! There will be no concealing his plump triple-D titties, and thus he’ll have no choice but to accept his complete bimbofication, along with all of the inevitable magazine cover shoots that come with having such ridiculous low-hanging boobies! (Note: An uncensored version can be found HERE on my Tumblr page.)

Special thanks to Prim (aka AbbySweetness) for granting me permission to incorporate his ‘Playing With Lesley’s New Breasts’ illustration, for which there’s a rather titillating storyette that corresponds to it in Issue 17 of Prim’s Petticoat Pansies.

*Speaking of Prim and PPP, please stop over and support him and Auntie Frocks today at Prim’s Petticoat Wendyhouse!
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