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So, I found this image and I think people here would love to see it.  With some historical facts, it talks about Wedding Dresses throughout the years.  Some beautiful artwork as well and it really is interesting watching the changes throughout the years.

I also included a nice little poll to gauge people's reaction.  For me, I am torn between the 1900's and the 1950's, but I think the 1950's will always win out for me!

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Dear Miss Annie:

Interesting.  I have a hard time choosing between the '20s and the '70s.  Oh, and nice hat!  When are you going to do an article on hats?
Baby Butch
I like the 70's wedding gown since all 3 of my sisters got married in the 70's and 2 had wonderful gowns to wear. The other Eloped with her boyfriend. Nice detailed post you have here.
Always loved bridal styles throughout history. The eighties styles were always my favourite, they were more princess than anything.
A sissy of satin, but not frills. A sissy of length, and not thrills. A sissy that is a princess, and not a baby.

I am the first of each. Long satin gowns that turn me into the Sissy Princess I wish to be.
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