R A special Halloween task for sissies and ABs! So exciting!
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So recently I read a wonderful caption by Princess Pottypants (see below) that really inspired me. I thought this caption was great and I had thoughts about making my own based on the same idea.

Then, I went to a haunted house last night and I saw a wonderful sign that read ... "Wimps who wet their pants" and it had an actual tally of people who wet their pants at the haunted house. It listed out the number for the past few years and it went back for 8 years to 2003. This year there are already 45 people who have peed their pants!

Here is my challenge to you sissies.

1. Find a local haunted house. The scarier the better. Here are some sites you can use.
http://www.about.com - search for haunted house (your city name)
2. Dress up in the girliest / most babyish outfit you have and make that your "costume" for the night. It is Halloween after all.
3. Find a friend/mommy/mistress if you can, to go with you for fun, validation, humiliation, and enjoyment.
4. Drink as much water or juice as you can before you get there or while you're waiting in line. Hopefully you'll be desperate to pee by the time you go in.
5. See if you can get paired up with some young girls, this will add to the experience.
6. Go into the haunted house and do your best to be the scared little sissy that you are. Scream, flinch, cover your eyes, run, hide, jump into your friend's/mommy's/mistress's arms, cry, whine, complain, shiver, tremble, look and act insecure, be vulnerable, and most importantly, WET YOUR PANTIES/DIAPERS. If you have a genuine accident, then you really are a sissy. If you fake it and pee yourself on purpose, you have to say "Oh no! I think I wet my pants!" as loud as you can.

Come back here and tell us what happened at the haunted house sissies. Tell us your story of how you added your name to the "Wimps who wet their pants" board.

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I really wish I was daring enough to do this! I hope someone replys who have done this would love to hear the story!
I cant say much because my gf doesnt like me sharing our stories. But we had alot to drink at a party and had our friends drop us off at a haunted house in canton ohio. I was wearing my nappies like i do every halloween and she was conderella. I actually dressed up as a male red riding hood. Needless to say they grab you there. I had one guy bear hug me in the dark and it scared the piss out of me. My gf laughed because apparently i didnt jump or scream. I just stood there and told her i may have peed a little. I wet so bad and i didnt know it. I leaked into my plastic panties and got the bckseat of my friends car wet because my panties leaked. But we do the same thing every halloween. Except usually i ont wet.
a new me teehee
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