Introduction to Diapers
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"Mommy! Daddy! Something is happening to me!"
D: "It's OK, honey, your just filling your diaper like any other baby."
M: "Just relax and Mommy will take care of it when you're done."
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Jenny was shock were was she and why was here daiper so full
Baby Flo
Jenny can't belive it. These new diapers are 100% smell- and water-proof. On in inside she could feel a wet and messy mass shifting around. On the outside not even she could see or smell that she need a change, badly. Inside she hopes that the diaper would leak, but it don't look like she will do her that favor.
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
Mina Silverwind
Jenny formely Juan, looks down in shock as she wakes up as a girl in a soiled diaper, and she is strangely happy that she has a nice mommy.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
as her girlfriend looks on, Sammie feels the embarrassment of filling her diaper for the very first time... and in front of someone else for that matter. as the need to cry hits her;
"don't cry sweetheart, you'll get used to it" says Missy with a high pitched giggle. and she has a few hours to get used to the warm, soft mass in her diaper tonight.
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
Sissy Baby Wendy

Having long ago accepted his role as the sissy baby of the family, these days Steven loved nothing more than showing off his special party trick off making the hidden teddy bears on his diapers magically appear.
jessica once formally jesse
was shocked at the work of her hormones shrinking her penis down to size she was amazed and felt wet from peeing in her diapee
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
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