Halloween here and Disney is ready
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Halloween is coming and Disney is ready. Of course they don't seem to have alot this year.

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You do know that Disney sells their children's costumes in adult sizes up to 14 right? I have found Belle, Cinderella and Snow White so far (my local choices are the suck so I was shocked to even find 3 different ones), but have been unable to find an Ariel costume in an adult size (she's my favorite). These are real Disney costumes which look EXACTLY as their children's ones do! I cannot say that enough. They are about 70 dollars though each :(

It does make me wonder though why year after year they never make an official Alice costume, even in the children's section. I know Disney had nothing to do with the creation of Alice, but since they try to sue just about everyone who tries to do an Alice story or themed item, you'd think they would sell their own official merchandice???? And why not a Mad Hatter costume for the boys. Disney does realize that they seem to sell just about no boy costumes to go with their girl counterpart ones. I think this is a really untapped market for them. With the fact that you can get a Disney Fairy costume in EVERY flavor (I even found a Fawn one!!!) EXCEPT the boy fairy who gives out the fairy dust or any of the boy tinker fairys or any boy fairy for that matter from their new story. Heck why don't they even sell a Peter Pan costume next to the Disney Fairy ones for that matter?

Ok, well enough ranting, but do check out the official Disney princess and Fairy line of costumes because they do make them up to at least a size 14 
love the princess costumes...specially cinderella.
THe Alice dress is wonderful its just a pity they dont do my size
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