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Ok girls I went out tonight. The store was TARGET. Not much choice for pretty things but I had to start some where. Yes I am wearing a diaper>cheery< wanted to help hide those norty bits. And the hose is to help hide the hairieness>cheery< I have turn off my sig to help with the load.>cheery<

First are the Shoes. WOW I never really wore heals before. 

Next the bathing suit. wasn't happy with this but I liked the color >cheery<

Next some casual wear  

Then Some fun wear   

Then some thing lacey 

Now it's bed time  

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 Wow bayb!, sorry if this is a bit personal, but what a FAB pair of pins you've got there! The envy of many a girly methinks!

And I don't know how much choice you had size-wise in the shoe department but what a good choice you made! If you've never worn heels before then the wedge-shaped ones are less shaky than stillettos for practising your girly shimmy. I bet you wore a groove in the hotel carpet last night sashaying up and down   If you do decide to take everything back to Target tomorrow, hang onto those gold sandals!

The denim pinafore looks really good on you too (perfect length to show off those great legs and shoes) but the maroon top made it look dull.   I think if you wore the white lacy top (in another photo) underneath it, you would have a fab outfit.

The little sunshine yellow skirt (is it attached to the top?) is pretty and fun. I'm not surprised you were dancing around in it, so cute and twirly >cheery<

All in all a great first night on the catwalk - I look forward to seeing more of your Spring collection.

D lly
you might try hoses with a higher DIN  -)
nice pictures though....
Mee too scared they ones are found by accident!

Those are some very pretty outfits. I have a pair of shortalls just like those. I'm thinking about putting snaps between the legs to make diaper changing easier, giggles.....
it was fun.  I agree with lots of what you suggested and will try again tonight  
D lly,
I really want to keep the shoes too . the skirt was not attached. The maroon top was the closes thing to pink I could find.

I'm not sure what DIN means, but if it means less panty and less transperant I agree  I will get differant ones tonght. 

I would've liked shortalls, but this is a skirt.  tonight I will try for them. I remember somewhere you can order them in our sizes with the snaps in them>cheery<

Just a little footnote  

Peep-toe sandals and pearly-pink nail polish go together like peaches & cream. Your feet look as though they are in good shape and as for those shapely legs (wolf-whistles!).

Clever girlies make the most of their fabbest features.

D lly
DIN is the 'thickness' of the hose. The higher the DIN, the higher the thickness... 5 is so thin it's almost invisible. Most transparent are 10 or even 15.
From 20 and up they are thicker and a lot less transparrent.

Could be DIN is only an European measurement! :-)
~*Christie Luv*~
Whee! Work it girl! What adorable outfits you are in DB sweetie! OMG those shoes are heavenly too. You have pretty dainty fairy tippie toes in those   They look like they can go with every thing too! Honey you have fabulous legs, I would always keep them smooth and shiny to show them off   Aww you look so glamorous in the shiny short dress too! Thankies for sharing with us your lovely fashion show!

nice items and showing them off
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