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breif story....depending on reviews depends if it continues
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 I was at home and new years eve was upon me and mommy.... and mommy had to work late.

So it was a typical Saturday morning....I wake up in my crib...and I wet my diaper...mommy woke up soon after...she got up...had her coffee and then came in to change my diaper....she said she had to work late...and to remain in the a baby girl..

she said and baby girl you are not alone "Mommy has 2 friends that will check up on you later I'll be back later to change your diaper and give you your bottle before nap at 7 pm...ok and she kisses me and then leaves the house to go to work...
so now I'm a baby girl in a home alone and after a half hour or so I'm in my diaper and dress...and thought as mommy is away...I can go play...
so I leave the house and wander off in the's 10 pm now...I should've been in my crib by 8 pm and I defied mommy and am in the woods...when I hear foot steps behind me.

It was Darth Vader & his Storm trooper
"Wolf-Frado" ware wolf of Star wars....and by that time I'm like what the f ?
and Darth -Vader says you! Emily! your mommy wants you home and secure! Wolf-Frado says "we will capture you! Baby girl! will be DIAPERED!....AND owned by mommy!

what would you do if you were "on the run" to be out late? and I hope you all comment your opinions, add  ons or compliments on my story
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the Dragon head was to signify the capture...of fire owned mommy ness
Keli1980 is a baby girl to the right girl
lil sissie
great story 
 lil sissie
id run 
*unowned allie*
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