PG I look forward to captions they are fun to read
meet up trap owned
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I look forward to captions they are fun to read - meet up trap owned, baby girl for life, Adult Babies,Feminization,Diaper Lovers,Bad Boy To Good Girl,Magical Change
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so lets see if I still got creativity : 
ok so there's this guy that works 16 hour days he busts ass to get a decent pay check and surfs the web for excitement, socialism and such....after so long I  stumbled upon a girl 10 years younger then me .
 So her and I get talking I think she's a typical online wanna be or scammer .her thinking I'm a typical online "loser...looking for a perv moment ….

we get passed that trust issue and decided to meet up . WHICH was cool so I was nervous and met her at some public place dressed in jeans and sweat shirt and I had the day off from work...I figured y not see where this goes.... 

she came out of no where and came on the side of me she was 30 yrs old, slim and she pats my back and asks me if I'm Keligo? I was like yea -------? she's like yes baby girl she had blonde hair I had a beard she said we had a lot of work to do...I had a drink w/her and then that's all I remember....I passed out and woke up an hour later in printed diapers car seat and pink dress
in the back of a car going to my new home 4 states away. i was groggy and heard her say you r going to be my new daughter to dress/diaper own and never let u go . and i couldnt speak due to my voice being silened to baby talk
she said awww baby girl i gave u something to keep u as a baby girl the time i'm done w/ will be my princess 
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this is a story by the way
lil sissie's Mummy
Good story and I bet You wish it were true I know that most  littles would 
lil sissie's Mummy
@ lil sissie's Mummy
  sorry I miss read this and I bet the lucky one was very happy is it You keli ?
Baby Puss
Only a story? Oh no, I had my hopes up! 😄 
A good story is there more to come 
now that u mention it i can do more 
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