PG 13 be careful what you work for
I thought this was role play
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be careful what you work for - I thought this was role play , tricked //realize, Adult Babies,Feminization,Quick Change,Diaper Lovers,Dominating Mistress Or Master
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 I thought living with "mommy would have been a boyfriend /girl friend thing then after the 1st night I went to go to work and she had me in baby girl diaper dress and told me that my baby sitter was named "Maggie" and how "I'll be baby sat till she gets home and then she'll style my hair and makeup...then looked at me and said "And you thought this was role play"...kissed me on my cheek and said i'll see u soon Emily Rose my Daughter 
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Baby Butch
Sounds like real life to me!
@ Baby Butch
  i'm currently talking to an "online mommy and imagine it will end similar to this way lol
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