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who I really am from beginning to end
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 mommy says I need more girlie days so I'm diving in at a speed of a girl in the making ...I learned that I can balance out in a girls world but at the same time I lose sense of reality...and find myself in a dimention that I created over a course of time built up all these years and as if I have 2 souls I love my female side of myself(Julie) and me Emily (Keligo) but yea we r 1 in the same ...I try to give her Girl time as well as I keep working to survive I look great in Diapers and Dresses but can not quit my "male type job so I do it Part time ...and hide in the shadows and internet ...I like all of you .you all welcome "me for me " I thank u for that ...sometimes I just find it lonely and role play my "costumes are not dresses it's guy clothing (Yea I'm 38 male good looking and really I'm 38 female minded that deals with "sexual desires and diapers and a mommy but yea women turn me on guys are chillaxed and I appreciate all of u for u .
just felt like it needed to be said at one point 
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lil sissie
We  appreciate You also Keli
Baby Puss
Yes, I hear ya Keli, and agree on your view. So happy to have a place to escape to, and release some of the things inside. Not only that, but a place where people understand, and support those things. Of course I have my wife, and she is so great with it. But for reasons I don’t like to discuss, it’s not always easy for me to have that release of what I enjoy, diapers, dressing as a little toddler girl, etc. Coming to a place like this, and sharing, is what helps get through with the rest of my “big guy have to go to work world”. 
@ Baby Puss
  thank u  for being level headed and down to earth
Keli1980 is a baby girl to the right girl
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