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All XXX From Plain Boy to Transgender Sexy
There are different sexy designs and colors at for all the transgender beauties out there.
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I have been working on my mid-section for quite some time now (roughly 6 months) I did get a flatter tummy and the “V in the hips but I still didn’t quite get the curve and flat tummy like that of a fit healthy woman.  And being the transgender that I am I had the urge to do everything in my power to have the shape of a woman.
While on the internet one night looking for crossdressing ideas I saw this ad on about body girdles. It got me intrigued since the women in the ad were saying they didn’t have to work out that much as the Femini Body shaper gave them an hour-glass figure with continuous use. So I checked the website out to read more.
After much discussion with myself, I finally decided to purchase one. I decided to get the one in small black since I mostly use black dresses on my night outs. And so, the waiting game begins... After a few days (about 7days) it came. Excited and nervous at the same time I opened it to reveal a nice black satin soft girdle that felt so thin it felt like nothing. I tried it on and it fit fine. It felt like second skin. It hugged my shapeless body tightly and at the right angles that no one would notice I had anything on beneath my dress. It also lifted my small butt up. I tried it on for one whole day and I did not feel any shortness of breath. I did not feel itchy or uncomfortable. It literally felt like I had nothing on which is a plus for me since I don’t like being bulky.
I didn’t expect it to show results overnight so I used it every single day morning and night and in about 5 months together with my work out routine I noticed my body having curves. My hips seemed fuller and my tummy definitely feminine flatter. My butt was also more “out there” if you know what I mean. I was so pleased with the results that I keep using it until today! I and my crossdresser friends adore my new feminine body. It’s so rockin’ awesome!
There are different sexy designs and colors at for all the transgender beauties out there.
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