R The (mis)Adventures of Sissy Angel
Revenge! Unwilling change
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  Steve opened the refrigerator and saw that Harley had bought himself more beer. Steve grabbed one and smiled. Harley was going to say squat about it. Steve had him right where he wanted him.

Steve and Jerry, his other room mate, figured out that Harvey had a fetish – he liked to wear women's clothes. So they put a hidden camera in his room, and captured Harley dressed like a hooker, masturbating while camming on a swinger's web site. Actually, Harley looked pretty good...

The next day Steve waited until Harley got home to start playing the movie of Harley on the big screen

TV. It was the part where Harley had stripped naked and started pulling on pantyhose. Harley walked in, “What the heck are you watching?” and stopped dead, mouth hanging open.

“What's the matter Harl?” Steve asked, innocently. “Haven't you ever seen a crossdressing slut before? Just wait, it gets better. After the pantyhose comes the whole thing – panties, bra, short dress, slutty makeup. Then, get this, then this he-she,” Steve sneered, “this slut gets online and starts beating her meat while camming with guys! Can you believe it? What if people he knew found out? I mean, he looks pretty dorky without the makeup, and you can't really tell it's him with the makeup, but what if his friends saw this? The whole process? Dork to slut?”

Harley slumped down on the couch and put his head in his hands, “What do you want?”

“Want? Oh, you mean this is you? I thought this faggot looked familiar.”

“Would you just turn that off, please?”

“What? This is just getting to the good parts. Oh, OK, if you're going to be a sissy about it.” Steve clicked the TV off.


Steve gave him a quizzical look.

“So, what do you want?”

“Hmm, let's start with you paying all the rent.”

Of course it spread from there. Hence, Steve had no qualms about taking his room mates beer. Steve had been thinking lately about how hot Harley had looked, and wondering if he should blackmail Harley in to giving him a blow job. That could be good from a lot of perspectives.

Harley walked in to the kitchen. “Hey slut!” Steve said. “I had to open my own beer! How about you put it in a tall glass for me, and bring it out on a tray. I'll be watching TV.” Steve paused as he was walking out of the kitchen. “I have an idea. Maybe I should have you dress up like some kind of faggoty maid when you're in the apartment. Then, well, if you look hot enough... Have you ever taken it up the ass?” Steve laughed at Harley's pained expression, went in to the living room, and threw himself on to the couch.

Harley brought his beer to him in a tall glass. Steve smacked his lips when he tasted it. “Hmm, everything from the hand of a faggot slave tastes better. Maybe I'll watch one of my favorite films. It's about a guy who wears girls clothes. Why don't you stick around and we'll watch it together?”

“I'm going to my room.” Harley said, turning away.

“Well, keep some lube by the bed in case this movie makes me randy.” Steve laughed again at Harley's retreating back.

Steve had no intention of watching the Harley blackmail movie. He turned the TV to netflix and found a movie where some guy was killing people like crazy. It seemed like every minute he was killing a dozen guys. Steve was getting sleepy as he sipped his beer. He knew the name of that actor, Reed? Ream? Steve slipped in to sleep trying to remember.

Steve woke up in one of the dining room chairs, his arms and legs secured to it with plastic slip ties. “What the fuck?” Steve looked around. He couldn't quite focus. A figure loomed up and put something under his nose. Steve's head shot back, and he could suddenly focus.

“Knew that would bring you around,” Harley said.

“What the fuck is going on?” Steve demanded. “Let me go, or that video goes all over the internet!”

“Hmm,” Harley said, rubbing his chin, “I don't think so, do you, Jerry?”

Jerry came in to focus, lounging on an old couch. Old couch? Wait, that was in the basement. They were in the basement.

“You know, faggot, that as soon as you let me go I'm going to pound you in to the ground. Then, I'm going to upload that video to every part of the...”

Harley slapped him, hard. “Listen,” Harley leaned in close and hissed into Steve's ear. “You are not going to have nearly as much on me as I will on you. And, when I get through with you, you aren't going to be pounding anybody, unless you're pounding their meat.” Harley stood to one side and showed Steve what looked sort of like a telephone booth with a transparent door. “This is a gift from an admirer. That's what we call the guys that beat off when they watch us on cam. Or, if they get lucky, get a blow job or get to give us an ass-fucking.” Harley's mouth curved in to an evil grin. “I'm pretty popular. You know how much you wanted me? Well other people want me more.”

“I never wanted you, you, you, homo! You queer, you...”

Harley put a hand over Steve's mouth. “Shh shh shh. Don't get upset. Slow it down. It really doesn't matter if you were lusting for me or not. You're going to have a whole new perspective. This,” Harley pointed at the booth, “this is state of the art, or even more than that. I have an admirer who gave it to me for a night of, well, passion?” Harley raised an eyebrow. “And, I told him what you did to me, and he's anxious to find out if this all turns out – good for me, and bad for you. The interesting thing is, you're going to enjoy it, eventually.”

Steve shook Harley's hand away. “Jerry, what the fuck is going on?”

Jerry laughed, “No idea, dude. Harley just invited me down to watch this. Sounds like a fun show!”

Steve twisted his head to look at Harley, “He's just as guilty as I am! He did everything...”

Harley slapped Steve hard. “Shut up. The only one I know about is you. Man up!” Harley broke in to a belly laugh. “Sorry,” he said finally, still out of breath. “You have no idea how funny that is!”

“You are going to pay for that!” Steve said, his lips clenched. He turned his head towards Jerry, “You too!”

Harley turned towards the cabinet and opened the door. “This has all been great, but, you know what? It's time for the festivities to begin.” Harley grabbed the chair. “Come on Jerry, help me out here.”

Jerry grabbed the chair and helped Harley turn it around and push it in to the cabinet.

“What the fuck are you doing, Jerry?” Steve demanded. “Why are you helping him?”

“Dude, I could apologize, but it wouldn't be sincere. Fact is, I am so waiting to see what happens. Besides, Harley tells me it won't be anything permanent.”

Once the chair was in the booth, Harley quickly cut all the ties and yanked the chair out, slamming the door. Steve jumped up and spun to look out the transparent front of the booth. Banging on the door, he said, “You assholes! Let me out of here!”

“Oh, I will, I will.” Harley promised, pushing a switch that Steve couldn't see. “Watch this!” Harley said to Jerry.

The chamber filled with gas, and Steve felt his body straighten without his will. He stood erect, unable to move

“So, SteveO,” Harley smirked, “My friend assures me that this isn't painful. From my perspective I'm not sure if that's a plus or a minus. Any way, as they say in N'Orleans, l'aissez le bon temps roulez!”

Mist filled the chamber. Harley and Jerry watched in amazement. Steve's clothes disappeared, and his hair fell off of his body. Steve's cock shrank to a pathetic bump, barely an inch and a half flaccid. His eyebrows took on an arched, slim shape, and thick liner appeared around his eyes.

“Wow!” Jerry exclaimed.

“It just gets better.” Harley said.

Makeup appeared on Steve's face, carefully applied, sexy but slutty. White pantyhose appeared around his legs, a ruffled panty covered his ass, and gradually, a sissy dress materialized around Steve. The skirt was short and pushed out by a layer of short petticoats. The blue color with white accents made Steve's make-upped eyes pop out from his face. Then, his hips started to expand, his chest started to expand, and his hair began to grow. Ending in a generous hips, ass, and and over-generous tits, pushing erect nipples against the fabric of his sissy maid costume.

His hair fell around his shoulders in cascading blonde curls. His hands came up and long pink nails appeared. A small pink glittery purse appeared hanging from his right hand.

“That's incredible!” Jerry said.

“You ain't seen nothin' yet!” Harley smirked. “Wait for it.”

Harley opened the booth door. Steve stumbled out. “Why you little faggot! I am going to destroy you!”

Harley stepped back, holding up his hands. “Look in the mirror before you start hurting people.”

Steve stepped to the mirror and saw a beautiful huge breasted, full hipped blonde angel in a short sissy dress. “What?” He turned to Harley. “This is it. I don't know how you did this, but I am going to murder you!”

“You are going to stop right where you are,” Harley said. And Steve stopped right there.

“Now watch this, Jerry.” Harley said. “Steve, you are a sissy baby!”

“I am no sutch thing!” Steve lisped, holding his hands up limp wristed, the purse hanging from his dangling hand, long pink nails glistening.

“What's your name?” Harley asked.

“Stheve Sthwanson!”

“I don't think so, I think your name is Sissy Baby Angel.”

“That's not thrue!”

“So tell me what your name is?”

“Thisthy Baby Angel” Steve said against his will.

“Good! What would you like to do right now?”

“Punch you out!” Steve thought. But all that came out was, “UUUH! You bad man! I want to hit you!”

“Sissy Baby Angel, I want you to hit me.”

Steve stepped close, and hit his fists against Harley's chest ineffectually, girlishly raising his fists and saying “UHH! You are such a bad man!”

Harley laughed. “You have the strength of a 5 year old. You lisp like a sissy. Listen to your voice! Not only a sissy, but a high pitched girly sissy! What do you think now? Who's the sissy faggot now?”

Steve stamped his feet in his high heeled pink mary janes. “You are so mean!”

Jerry was amazed, “Yo, Steve, I can't believe this!”

Steve just continued to stare at Harvey in a childish rage.

“Call him Sissy Baby Angel.” Harvey advised.

Jerry smirked. “Hey, Sissy Baby Angel.” Steve turned towards him. “Is this all real, dude?”

“Isth what all real?” Steve asked. “I am thoo mad! What thid he do?”

“I got no clue, dude.”

“Call me Thishty.” Steve said.

“Who's your daddy, Sissy baby angel?” Harley asked.

Steve spun on him, stamping his feet as he turned. “UUUH! YOU MAKE ME THO ANGRY!” he lisped.

“You know what, sissy Angel, I'm your daddy. I want you to call me daddy from now on.”

Steve stamped again, “I will not call you daddy, daddy! You are my daddy! No, wait, I mean, you are my daddy, daddy! No I mean...” Steve stopped, staring daggers at Harley.

“You are so cute when you're angry. What do you do when daddy tells you to do something?”

“I,” Steve hesitated. “I, I, you're my daddy. I do what you thay.”

Harley turned to Jerry and smirked. “Sissy baby angel knows everything that's going on. But this sissy can't help it. She has to do whatever I say.”


“Oh yeah, anything. Don't you think that Sissy Angel is sexy?”

“I am not thexy!”

“Oh, but you are, those long legs, those wide hips, that cute face under those blonde curls. Oh, did I mention that you have a cute little cock, and I mean little, hidden beneath your frilly panties?” Harvey ran his hand along Angel's face. She tried to pull away but couldn't. “You are a slutty sexy faggot. Say it.”

Angel tried to keep her mouth closed, but it came out, “I am a thlutty thexy faggot.”

Harvey turned back to Jerry, “What do you think? Do you think our thexy faggot is a good cocksucker?”

Angel stamped her foot, “I will not thuck a...a...pee-pee.”

“you won't thuck a what?” Jerry asked, smiling.

“Quit making fun of me!” Angel took two mincing steps towards Jerry, “You're a bad man! I hate you!” Angel pounded her fists in futile rage against Jerry's chest.

Jerry grabbed Angel and pulled her close. She struggled weakly, and kept her face down.

“You like her Jerry? We can fix all this bad behavior. Sissy Angel, this is your Uncle Jerry, and you love him, and you will do whatever he tells you.”

“I will not!”

“Jerry, give it a try.”

“Angel, I want you to give me a big kiss.”

Angel looked up, “No, I... I mean, yeth Uncle!”

Their mouths met, and Jerry grabbed Angel's ass as they kissed.

“Let's try something else,” Harvey said. “go full sissy Angel.”

Angel's eyes glazed over for a few moments, then she blinked, “Oh Daddy! Uncle! I love you both so much!”

Jerry's eyes widened.

“Now she believes she's a sissy. The nice thing is, when we get done with her, we can have her remember it or not. Sissy Angel, if you love your uncle, how do you show him?”

“UUUUH!” she jumped up and down, “I'm going to give him a big kith!”

She threw herself at Jerry, and this time hugged him close and pushed her willing mouth against his.

“Uncle,” she said excitedly, putting her hand on the front of Jerry's jeans. “I thought I felt that! It'th your pee-pee ithn't it? Did it get big becauth we were kithing? I hope tho!”

“If you got your uncle excited, maybe you'd like to help him out?”

Angel looked quizzically at Harvey, “Help? How? Ohhh, I know! Uncle, would you like me to play with your pee-pee?”

“Uhh, yeah, I would.”

“Goody!,” Angel began pulling at Jerry's belt. She had some difficulty but finally opened it. But she didn't have enough strength to open the top button on the jeans, so Jerry helped, and pulled down his zipper. Angel dropped to her knees and reached in to his fly. “You are tho big!” She managed to pull his cock from his underwear and looked at it amazed. She looked up at Jerry, “It looks ama.. ama.. so yummy!” Angel began to lick the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around him.

“Did I mention part of the programming is being an amazing cock sucker?”

Angel put the cock head in her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue.

“Oh, man, you're right! This is already the best blow job I ever had!”

Angel worked her hand along his shaft, then cupped his balls and took his entire cock into her mouth. She made little gagging noises as she moved her mouth up and down it.

“Oh, man! This is impossible! I'm already going to cum! Yahhh!”

Jerry shot his load in to Angel's mouth. She swallowed then licked his shaft clean.

“Did you like that Uncle?”

“That was wonderful!”

“I love kitthing your pee-pee!”

Harvey burst out laughing. Angel turned her head to him, a confused look on her face. “This is revenge! This is revenge! I love this, and it's only going to get better! Ok, Angel, I think it's time for you to go back to being Steve.”

“I don't want to!”

“Of course you don't. But I'm going to do you a big favor, I want you to remember everything that's happened. Now, get up and get in the cabinet.”

Angel obeyed. Once Harvey shut the door, he hit the switch, and Steve slowly became himself again. Harvey opened the door.

Steve stepped out, a little groggy. Then he looked at them, and turned red with anger. “I'm going to kill both of you!” He took a menacing step towards Harvey.

“go Sissy Angel.”

“What?” Steve asked in his little sissy voice. “What wath that? Why am I talking like thith?”

“I think you should try to kill me, you won't get very far.”

Steve began to cry quietly, “How could you, Daddy? And Uncle, you made me kith your pee-pee!”

“I didn't make you do anything, you suggested it and jumped at it when I said yes.”

“Ok, Steve, I'm going to quit torturing you for now. I think your memories are going to be torture enough. Just remember, I can do this to you anytime. Oh, and I think you can start paying the rent.”

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