R Jessica's Picture Collar Party - part 1
Jessica and her mother have a great idea for her birthday party: she will invite the soppiest sissy boys she knows, as long as they are dressed in the prettiest girly picture collars. Oh dear, the sissies are going to get over excited.
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 Jessica'a mother, Alison Foreswell, hurried to the front door, checking her hair-do as she passed the mirror and taking a deep breath. This was going to be quite an evening for her and her daughter.

"Mrs Tinkling," she cried, reaching an arm round the visitor's neck and dabbing a kiss on her cheek. "Nicky is the first to arrive... shall we bring him in?"

Nicky Tinkling didn't want to come in but he had no choice. No sooner was he over the threshold than his little fur coat was being removed and he stood revealed in his party blouse and bloomers. He cringed with shame.

"Ohhh, isn't he gorgeous!" exclaimed Alison. "Just wait til Jessica sees him in his bee-YOOT-iful picture collared blouse. She'll have kittens of pleasure. And he's wearing a matching suit. How divine!"

"Doesn't he look lovely in it?" replied the youth's mother. "I picked it up from Satin Boy-Girl only last Wednesday, and would you know, wearing it makes him feel so feeble and effeminate. I owe Jessica a big thank you for having her big collar party. The lovely thing about his party suit is he has to be buttoned into it from the back, and that makes him weep tears of shame. Perhaps you can undress him during the party and then button him into it again. He'll keep you so amused with his tears."

"Now that she's eighteen, Jessie feels it her duty to put weak pansy boys in their place. We've got some very humiliating party games ready for them, Alison. Pop back in before ten and you'll see some hilarious amusements going on."

As soon as Alison had gone and the boy had been led nervously into the house, the doorbell rang again. This time it was Jessica who got there first. Hello, Mrs Silkington. you got him here then." She turned to the eighteen-year-old youth she was holding by the hand. "Ahhh, did little Gordon not want to come to Jessica's party then? Was he a lickel bit upset about having to wear a lovely big blouse collar for Jessica?" He was wearing a coat in peach wool with four large buttons in a double breasted arrangement, with a shawl collar covering his shoulders, and Jessica unfastened it for him, brushing his hands out of the way, and drew it off his arms.

"Mmmmm... hm-hm-hm-hmmm," she giggled, "what a lovely suit, Gordon, in peach silk. Aren't you a silky sissy! Turn round for me and let me see your blouse buttons." Her hands forced him to do a half turn for her to examine how his blouse buttoned down his back, between the edges of his ridiculous picture collar. "Oh darling, I do love the pretty frill round your collar... it's a sissy girly collar frill, isn't it?"

The boy shut his eyes in misery and wished with all his heart that he could disappear. "Gordon's collar is meant to stand up around his face," explained his mother, opening her bag and taking out the silk scarf that went with his blouse. "Can you turn his collar up for me, and I'll fasten him up with a pretty bow at the back of his neck."

"Oh how lovely!" declared Jessica, loving the crimson hue on his cheeks as she lifted the wide collar all round his face and fastened the collar buttons up the back of his hair. When he was done into a bow at the back, his face was sweetly framed inside a tall collar of ruffle-edged peach silk. "Come with me, sissy Gordon, and I'll open the front of your pretty bloomers so that we can see how helpless you are in your sissy excitement."

The boy was planted next to Nicky in the sitting room, where both of them hung their heads and pretended they weren't sitting next to a sissy. When the doorbell went again, Alison answered it to admit the next sissy. It was Val Sweetness and her stepson, Hugh. The tall youth burst out crying on the doorstep, perhaps because he was in a girlish coat in apple green dushesse satin that failed to cover the hem of his satin dress and all his petticoat frills.

"Alison darling," said his mother, ignoring the distress of her son, "I love dressing him in lavish dresses, so when he got Jessica's invite to a picture collar party, I thought I had died and gone to heaven."

"You're welcome to stay if you like, darling, and help me arrange one or two dressing thrills for the feminine boys."

"Oh Alison, could I? I would be a great help... while of course enjoying seeing the boys reduced to the state of little girls in their silk blouses and dresses."

"Wonderful, Val. I can see Hugh's petticoat lace, but let me see his dress properly," and she undid the boy's coat for him, opened it, and slid it down his arms. Into sight came a fussy dress in mint green satin, sitting on a deep bed of silk petticoats. Her fingers slipped immediately under the pretty satin and lace frills at his shoulders, and on under the Puritan collar of white satin that spread all round his neck.

"Oh Hugh, you darling boy, I have never seen a girl dressed in so many adorable ruffles. How girlish they are and how lovely your dress is. Come with me, darling, and I'll show your dress and pretty collar to Nicky and Gordon. I'm sure they will love to froll their fingers through your petticoat frills and satin ruffles."

The youth's waterworks redoubled as Alison and his mother led him through to meet the others, where they found Alison forcing Nicky to play with Gordon's upright collar and shape it round his blushing face. The birthday girl had no time to include Hugh in their blouse play because the doorbell rang again and she dashed off. This time she knew who it was before she reached the door from the loud crying on the outside.

"That must be Clarence Waterwell," she cried, throwing the door wide and catching the boy's mother preventing her son's escape, clenching him by one wrist and by the front of his satin bloomers. His agonised expression of surrender threw Jessica into a fit of giggles.

"Well then, don't you dare try and run away from Jessica's party after she has invited you especially to show her your beautiful blouse collar." She held her son's erection through apple green satin so that he stood on tip-toe and whimpered through a most sorry-looking face.

"I see you're living up to your name, Clarence Waterworks," scoffed Jessica, plucking the wide curved sides of his collar. "I do like the lovely flower embroidery on your blouse, darling. It makes you such a feminine sweetie. Shall I take his sissy clitoris, Mrs Waterwell, and I'll bring him in to meet Mom and the other sissies?"

After Clarence had been kissed goodbye by his mother, he was led inwards by a grinning Jessica, to find that her own Mom had the boys arranged on pouffs to sit and look at each other in their blouses... or in Hugh's case, in his dress. There was a lot of sniffling and blushing going on as they sat with miserable faces and their bare knees pressed tightly together.

"It's very quiet for a party," said Jessica, releasing Clarence and planting him on a chair so that his bloomered knees were on a level with their drooping eyes.

"That's because they're sissies," said her mother, "and sissies tend to say nothing when they are in company, for fear of drawing attention to themselves. Now, who are we still waiting for?"

"Russell and Jeremy. I expect Jeremy's mom is still getting him dressed. She makes him take a nap in his crib every afternoon, now that he's finished at college."

As she spoke the bell rang again, making every sissy miss a few heartbeats, wondering who else would see them in their shameful blouses. "Can you let them in, Mom, while I make sure these sissies feel very effeminate and sweet?" As her mother left the room, the young hostess instructed the boys to sit the girls' way, with their knees modestly together and their hands, with wrists limp and graceful, cupped together in their lap. Then she went round each of them in turn straightening and fussing their hair-dos so that there wasn't a hair out of place.

"Here they are," cried Alison, returning with the two latecomers. Just look at Russell, sweetheart: his mother has got him in a sissy onesie with a gorgeous white collar with hearts. He buttons right down his back, from neck to botty, in little blouse buttons."

Her introduction was too much for Russell Widdlecomb, who broke down and wept with his face in his hands. Jessica wasn't having sissies hiding their feeble feelings.

"Sit here and put your hands in your lap, you little baby," she cried, but was immediately drawn to Jeremy Fainting who tried not to come in but was pulled through the doorway by Alison, hauling on his reins.

"Here's baby-pants Jeremy, all in pink for your birthday party," said Alison, manouevring the boy so that he had to stand in the middle of the circle of pouffes and chairs. "His mother has left his blouse for when you take off his little pink coatee."

"Well hello, Jeremy. My, what a cutesy little girlikins you are in your pink panties and coatee with its white fur trim. You look so sweet I don't want to take off your coatee, but darling, we all need to wear our lovely big blouse collars, and I see your blouse has a lovely double collar... so I'm going to put you into your blouse right away so that we can play blouse games together."

Jeremy had been the student president at college, but was so evidently a little sissy that Jessica had no hesitation in inviting his mother to bring him to sissy classes at weekends... and to Jessica's blouse and dress collar party. She unbuttoned his coatee and slipped it off, to reveal to everyone that his mother had him in a training bra and a little satin chemise top... just waiting to be covered by his lovely silk blouse with two large collars.

"Sit and watch Jeremy being dressed in his lovely blouse, sissies," ordered Alison, and Val gave the boys warning looks to remind them they were obliged to do as they were told at Jessica's birthday party. "Oh isn't it lovely, with three-quarter silk sleeves and two rows of buttons. Stand behind him, Jessie dear, so that we can all watch the sissy being done up in his blouse. Ahhhhh, isn't he sweet? Isn't his blouse lovely with its two collars?"

"Sit there, blouse-boy," said Jessica when she had finished with him. "We are going to start our picture collar party with some pretty collar play. I'm going to demonstrate with my own dress collar, and you sissies are going to follow. The important thing is that you feel girlish in your blouses, and in your dress, Hugh Sweetness. Right, first stretch out your blouse sleeves in front of you like this... good... then keep your elbows in front of you as you bend your arm back so that your fingers come back to your big, girls' collar. Now use your fingertips to slip under the very outside edges... then slide your fingers round, under your collar, to the back. Now, lift your collar up the back of your hair so that your hands are above your head and holding your collar up. Oh how lovely, sissies. Turn to the other sissies and show them how sissy you are in your big blouse collars. Go on, keep showing your collar to everyone. Now show my Mom... and say after me: "Look at me, I'm a girl in a sissy blouse collar."

The voices did their best, but were very weak and watery.

"Come on, louder. Look at me, I'm a girl in a sissy blouse collar."

The boys had to try harder. But Jessica hadn't finished. "Now show Mrs Sweetness, and say: "Do you like my lovely collar, Mrs Sweetness?"

There were tears mixed in with the voices as they responded, but they did as they were told. Then Jessica told them to keep their collars up high, and say: "Please ladies, help us to arrange our collars on our pretty blouses."

"And don't let go of your collar until one of us ladies is fussing and fondling it into place," she insisted. As each hostess helped a sissy to wear his collar correctly again round his shoulders, the tears ran freely, all the more stressfully as the boys were conscious of being sissified in front of each other. When everyone was properly collared again, Jessica declared that the party was ready to begin.

"We are going to play sissy party games, just right for you sweeties," she said, "and if anyone does any dribbles of sissy cream in their panties, they will have their bloomers taken down for a good spanking.

The whimpers around the circle of sissies suggested that some good spankings were very likely to happen.




Next time, Jessica puts the boys through games she had thought up with her mother, designed to help the sissies disgrace themselves.


This story is from Prim’s Petticoat Pansies #16 from Prim’s website at www.primspetticoatwendyhouse.com 

Source: primspetticoatwendyhouse.com
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Baby Butch
Sounds like a very fun and exciting birthday party for Jessica. I think there will be spankings for some of the sissies in the future!
@ Baby Butch
Gosh Baby Butch - do you mean over Mummys' knees?   
Gosh Baby Butch - do you mean over Mummys' knees? 
It certainly sounds like a nice party with lots of sissy games.Maybe Jessica could spank them that would be fun      
@ sissybabysamantha2
  Mmm, Do you know any nice sissy games, Samantha?
@ AbbySweetness


Yes how about having the sissies change each others panties or nappies. I bet that would be exciting     

abbysweetness,,,,, your story is good and did you read baby butch story of student nurses with baby butch and shamrock in it  
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
Please stop writing these stories my mother in Law is getting too many ideas and I cannot control myself
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