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Let's face it we all want to be dominated and babied, it's just a matter of time and a healthy amount of nappies plastic baby pants, and patience. There was a story I read on some other site that I can't remember the title but it was about this young banker who's father sent him away to this little private hospital. As soon as he arrived he was asked to sign some documents and not knowing what he signed he was then taken to a ward and ordered to take his clothes off so the nurse could put him in nappies. He was 24 and thought it a bit odd but he went along with it anyway well to cut a long story short he was given enemas daily and then he would have no choice but to let go and as you could imagine what the inside of his nappies looked like. He said when this happened and the nurse said your 24 and look at you young man your lying on a hospital bed filling your nappies and wetting them too, your nothing but a big baba. The nurse was tutting as she put a dummy in your mouth and reached underneath you grabbed the waistband of your plastic pants and in one swift tug, your baby pants were around your knees. What a baba. She un done the yellow ducky nappy pins from his nappy she put 2 down beside her and put the other two between her teeth. By pushing his feet wide and also pushing billy legs straight back telling him he had better do as she asked as she doesn't take kindly to any naughty sissies not doing as they are told. She tugged the plastic pants from off his feet and with his legs held back she swiftly pulled the sodden nappy from under him and off into the pail below the bed. Billy before I put you in a clean nappy I want you to tell me what you are. Billies reply and he didn't know why he was regressing, but laid there with a dummy in and said as he took it out I am Billy and I'M 24. The nurse was angry with the babba now and said to him your who and how old. Billy was about to say something when the other nurse walked up to her colleague and said in a mocking baby voice looks like our big boy who was 24 and a little handsome has all of a sudden become the main hospital tittle sissy baby. To think as well i was going to ask you out in reception last week now looking at you with nappy rash your legs pushed right back and legs wide, about to be nappied your the biggest sissy we have ever seen.  With that said Sue slid 3 terry nappies under him with such total authority over him she then put a nappy liner on top of the terry's kept his legs wide but let his bottom down onto them. Big babies like you billy have to wear these nappies because you have no control over your little wee wees that we have no choice but to pin you into nappies and plastic pants, and with that she folded the sides into flaps and pinned them to the thick towelling. Cloey picked up the pink plastic pants told billy to lift his feet up and as he did she shook them out then putting both her hands through the 1st leg hole and put the leg wholes over his feet. Stand up big man, and when he did she waisted no time tugging them up his legs grinning at billy and sue as she did then pulling the back of them she expertly in one tugged them over his didees and let them snap shut on his hips. There you go big babba now get over my knee while I paddle your bottom over your waddling nappy. Babba.
Nice little story. A lovely fantasy   
Baby Butch
Always read what you sign but he would have signed it anyway if you ask me. Sounds like a good story. Nappies for everyone!
Nothing like a trigger where mommy says time to change you  
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