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nappies are us. - mistress's and sissies, RHOScottj,BabyRjchy,sissies, Adult Babies,Thumb Sucking,Feminization,Slow Change,Changed By Accident,Dominating Mistress Or Master
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Can I just say: Nylontoni...Thank you for your message. you can call me Rjchy or baby-RJCHY X and of course, I think I would enjoy all of that I mean I am a sissy baby who.s in need of nappies domination and punishments but am scared of the full domination...don't get me wrong your pictures are great and i hope you like mine. But please reply it was exciting to get your message to say ello to your mistress and her girlfriend. Baby-Rjchy have a fab day u all. X
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As a lifelong fairy who grew up in diapers & dresses, I was the sissy that got pushed to the ground and the boys took turns putting their cocks in my mouth. My parents & three sisters as well as all my relatives & neighbors knew me well. My wife married me knowing what I was and learned I was as good as any lesbian oral sex she ever had. Her & the girls get off on each other while the men she brings home quickly fall in love with my being diapered & dressed girly. They appreciate that I never say no so I'm always on my knees blowing them or letting them plow me with the girls looking on. I love the abuse & humiliation from letting people see me giving head or taking it in the ass. I also love when guys put their dick inside my diaper and let their hot piss soak me good. Hope you like hearing my tale Baby Richy. If I were next to you you'd be cumming right now! 
@ nylontoni
  Well thats amazing you dont mess about so to speak. I think your a good guy and very coraguos in your writing nothing has ever happened to me quite like that before. I mean i had a relationship with a guy but he was just straight gay not into adult babies but he treat me well and im still his freind today and it was around 15 years ago that happened. I understand you very well and understand your desire to do what you do. Aslong as your safe and people care about you. Then its a pleasure . I wish you very well and your better off asleep in your crib rather than out with all the covid around, goodnight speak soon Baby Rjchy x
@ nylontoni
  oooh my gorrrd you are aon it and good for you. I am sat on the couch warming my pink pants over my nappies and I feel great. Loved your message you take care hope to speak soon bye bye ...!!!
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